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Alistair, Leliana, Zevran & Morrigan replacers with multiple options for each.

Permissions and credits
Dragon Age: Origins,
DAO Toolset Headmorphs Unlocked by Ashhawk - you need 'Duplicate Morph Targets', 
(optional) Tucked Hair by tmp7704,
(for Morrigan) Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors (specifically you need pt_skn_c05.tnt),
(optional for Morrigan) Simpliciaty Hairs by Dalishious (if you want to use the Loose Hair morph)

Replaces the textures and morphs of Alistair, Leliana, Morrigan and Zevran. It's a full head retexture (ears, neck, etc. are all affected). 

- Zevran isn't white, and most textures don't reflect that. His skin color is the same as vanilla. (2nd darkest in the game. Aside from that it's just subtle face model fixes, such as the underjaw being too far backwards or the eyes set ridiculously deep. No changes to the face. Makes him look more like his concept art self, but you can install dark hazel eyes (vanilla-ish). Eyelashes & eyeliner. Also painted (with coal) brows. Because he's blonde and otherwise he wouldn't have any. He's got 2 gold molars on the new teeth textures. I can't make it only on one side as the UV is mirrored, but I'm happy enough with two glinty teeth.
Note: armor & earrings aren't included. The armor is Crow Assassin's Armor for Zevran by themiscyra, earrings are a separate hairstyle by Dalishous. You can edit the .mrh yourself and add them in any variation you like; for example you might prefer Earring Beards or tucked hair/etc. The morphs in the archive are vanilla.

- Alistair - the default morph is 99,9% identical to the original plus some fixes (neck depth, etc). He has slightly larger irises and his ears are a tiny bit elfish. I know it's not lore-friendly (because he's supposed to look 100% human), but I don't care. 
By default, the morph doesn't have a goatee/soul patch that default Alistair has (because his texture already has a beard). Optionally you can install morphs that make Alistair look a bit more like Cailan (30% Cailan or 15%). In addition, all 3 morph versions have a version with a goatee and soul patch turned on, so Alistair will use whatever beard textures you have installed. 15% Cailan morphs also have 2 alternative longer (vanilla) hairstyles, because Alistair doesn't care about his hair, and DA:O plotline takes about a year in time. He probably would grow some hair.
He also has multiple face textures to choose from with beard/stubble/clean-shaven/etc.
You can combine these textures with any morph; for example, install a clean-shaven face textures and use a goatee morph, so he'd use the beard textures you have installed. Or install the goatee morph with the default texture for a denser beard.

- For Leliana it's subtle face model fixes, such as bulging eyes and semi-open mouth, for example. Gives Leliana a slightly lighter skin and darker hair (closer to what she had in Sacred Ashes trailer). Optionally, you can install a morph with shorter hairstyle, as Marjolaine refers to her having "hair short/shaggy like a boy".

- Gives Morrigan a slightly darker skin (pt_skn_c05.tnt file), so if the outfit you give Morrigan doesn't support tints it will be noticeable. Makes her look a bit more like her mom (specifically the nose), and while she may look wildly different from the original, she's actally 80% the same. Has some options: hairstyle, eye color, makeup. Pictures included in the archive.

Includes the .mrh files for editing in Toolset if you'd like to make some edits. For more details on each READ THE READ ME FILES inside.

I call this mod of mine "Dragon Age Origins Exhausted Edition", so they're all a bit worn and tired visually, which makes sense to me.

I won't make any edits on request and this mod is provided as is.

You can use the contents of this mod freely provided that you credit me (khisartin) in the description and link to my website: www.DDSWorkshop.net
Just put the credit in and that's all, happy modding.


Dalishous & Simpliciaty
Adobe Photoshop by Adobe Systems
NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop


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