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  1. DrMikaeru
    • supporter
    • 357 posts
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    This doesnt work for me. I get a very nice looking chain armor mesh which I really like, but which doesnt match with any gloves. Like they dont align. Maybe theres a conflict.
  2. amethyne1
    • member
    • 64 posts
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    would u be willing to make it work on Dwarf female i love the armor but i am a dwarf
  3. whyjnot
    • member
    • 20 posts
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    I found out that this mod conflicts with The Chain of Orlais mod http://dragonage.nexusmods.com/mods/1169 causing the textures to be a shiny mess and seemingly using the mesh from the chain of orlais file. uninstalling the chain of orlais cleaned it up right away (that one doesn't even have boots or gloves, so its a nobrainer for me to decide which one dies a horrible death in uninstallland).

    (I don't know how many people will even notice this, but I figure that I would put this info out for anyone like me, so that they don't get stuck troubleshooting for 90 min or so like I did)
  4. Rykoss
    • member
    • 38 posts
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    Wow. This is awesome! Would you consider making a version of this that the player character can wear? I absolutely love it.

    Thanks for sharing. <3
  5. DalishRanger
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Hm. Haven't had a comment here in a while. I was curious - are you going to add shoulder pads to this at some point? It just looks too odd without them, otherwise I'd use it.

    If I had better modding skills, I'd add them in myself for my personal use, but chances are I'd just muck something up instead.
  6. Shamikka
    • member
    • 280 posts
    • 35 kudos
    Hi, this set looks sweet. Thanx,
  7. jujdred
    • member
    • 40 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Any chance of optioning in some Random Stats for armor based on what Lelianas spec is at the time of creation?
  8. Cujo742
    • member
    • 82 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Love the work, can we get it to look more like the sacred ashes armor (no pants, etc.) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Flash432
    • member
    • 68 posts
    • 2 kudos
    I don't mean to be picky or anything but the 'scale' looks more like stone cobbles and the 'sword of mercy' symbol on the bib looks like it's 2 that have merged and it has 2 on the back also which shouldn't be.

    Other than that great job and I hope you can try and fix these things, thanks.
  10. Drakaner
    • member
    • 54 posts
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    Lelianas (sacred ash) armor havn't got a pants. The armor have overknee's and lateral no strips. But its the conceptart armor and what's was very good. <img class="emoticon" src="https://forums.nexusmods.com/public/style_emoticons/dark/laugh.gif" /> Maybe you can make sacred ash armor too.