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Makes props shiny like in Inquisition!

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Still in kind of a testing phase, if anyone notices something weird please tell me!!

 I added more things and edited some things to look more or less shiny depending on what they looked like ingame + added awakening folder (can be deleted if you don't own awakening). I couldn't test the awakening stuff so feedback would be nice!!

This mod kind of goes hand in hand with my other mod, Shiny Weapons and Armor. It will look a bit weird without it. 

I pretty much just went through most prop textures in the game and made them shiny. Some things can't be shiny because I'm using the specular map to do this, and not every texture has that.

I not only made metal shiny, but also other items that i thought would make sense (like meat sacks, fish, crystals, etc.) + mirrors have reflections now! (kind of).

I also fixed some specular levels (like the food items in the screenshot).

Just put it in your override:
Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override