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Has it ever bothered you that spells like Chain Lightning, the elemental Storms and Shapeshifting all take a bit too much time preparing?
Well, it did bother me, and I did something about it!

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If there's one thing about combat in both Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition that makes my eye shine is how we barely have to wait for spells to be cast, and how that makes combat a lot more fluid and fast-paced. So, while playing Origins I wanted an experience closer to that and, to my joy, I was capable of working towards that ideal with this mod.

What It Does:

Essentially it swaps around the speeds used by the game to define casting time, at the very least getting rid of the snail slow times of the vanilla game. For variety and balance reasons, I've decided upon having three versions of the mod:

  • Instant Casting
As it says on the tin, every spell has no casting time, cutting straight into its animation. This means that any spell that didn't already fit such description now will be as fast as its animation can allow it.

  • Fast Casting
Any non-instant spell will now have a tiny delay before it is cast, allowing a quick window for casting disruption.

  • No Slow Casting
This makes the slowest casting times match the middle ground for casting speeds, not being as fast as the other two version, but doing away with the slog it is to cast some spells. It gives the most room for enemies to disrupt your casting when compared to the other two.

Please be sure to read The Further Notes section down below if you are playing with The Warden's Peak DLC installed.


Anything that doesn't mess with this file is fine:

Use Vortex or drop the unzipped file in your override folder.

Further Notes:

Any of the mod versions will make the veil sealing part of the Warden's Speak DLC Quest become a bit of a boss rush, since either Avernus or Sophia will be completing their ritual faster and thus more demons will be summoned at the same time.
It's nothing that makes it unbeatable, but it might catch some players off guard at higher difficulties. Should that become a bother and too many players get walled by it, I'll revert the related speed table to its base value, though I'm not sure at the moment how that would affect other spells.