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Upgrades the vanilla Asala to endgame stats and the DA2 Might of the Sten model, so poor Sten doesn't need to sell his soul for a better sword anymore.

Optionally, also adds a new outfit and face texture, to match the red warpaint look of the Stens in DA2.

Permissions and credits
I like to avoid vanilla models on my companions as much as possible, and while there are some awesome mod options available for Sten I couldn't find one that actually remodels the vanilla Asala that you get when you gift Sten his sword back after his personal quest. And what's more Asala's stats are seriously underwhelming. This always led me to the heartbreaking move of having to sell it... but not any longer!

It uses the model of the Might of the Sten from Loincloth Fashion and originally from the Dragon Age 2 Bioware Signature Edition. The model is not included here - you will need to have Loincloth Fashion installed (but who hasn't).

The new stats are as follows:
Dragonbone stats - e.g. Damage 17.60; 3 rune slots; etc.
+1 to all attributes
+12 attack
+15% critical/backstab damage

You can receive the Asala like always, by completing Sten's personal quest and giving him the resulting gift which will turn into the equippable Asala. You can also use the console to get it immediately by typing "runscript give_asala". Be aware though, that it will appear double in your inventory if you console it and also do the quest.


Vitaar of the Sten:
I also included an optional new look for Sten to match the Stens from DA2 that I made for myself, in case anyone is interested. I think it really highlights how intimidating he would have appeared to Fereldans who are completely unaccustomed to Qunari culture and who react so extremely to him in the game. 
This mod retextures the morph from Sten of the Beresaad with Of the Beresaad Tweaks (see Requirements for instructions) to feature the red vitaar. There's also a new outfit for him to match. 
The stats for it are:
+16 armor
+3 constitution
+9 defense
+0.5 health regeneration in combat
+10% change to dodge attacks

It uses the models from Qunari Update. It is also compatible with Kossith Add-On if you want to use that armor but like the red vitaar look - it will change the golden war paint version to the featured DA2 red.
There's UTCs included for when you recruit Sten, the epilogue, etc. but you can also console it by typing "runscript give_sten_qun".


Thank you to the makers of the mods this one is dependant on:
Entopie for "Loincloth Fashion"
tmp7704 for "qunari update"
untamedfuture for "Sten of the Beresaad"
and AzureWitch for "Of the Beresaad Tweaks"
Special thanks to the latter for coming up with her naming convention to allow an individual face for Sten, which I followed.
Also special thanks to nezroy for their Online Tint Creator which allowed me to block the Dragonbone tint from ruining Asala's new look.