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Have you ever been creeped out when Alistair or Loghain do the ritual and you're forced to voyeur in on them? Well, this might be the mod for you!

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This idea came to me after I was playing a human commoner playthrough a year back, in which I romanced Alistair and then had my eyes tortured by watching him get it on with Morrigan. In my room, btw. AND on my bed! It gave me PTSD flashbacks of all my previous playthroughs, in which my eyes suffered the same torment. It was so bad I sacrificed myself instead. I just imagine the Warden's face being like (͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) the whole time they are watching it. And so thus this mod was born. It's suppose to be neutral, so it isn't romance focused at all, but it will still acknowledge who you romanced in the final scene. It will also acknowledge if you have your mabari follower or not. If the warden does the ritual themself, you will get a vanilla experience with the vanilla cutscene.


1. This mod borrows a scene from an already established in-game cutscene (cli300cs_morrigan_leaves) that can play if the warden refuses the ritual. I have personally never seen the cutscene before prior to this idea, and I will probably never play a save that will, but even if I did, the similarities do not bother me at all, but I apologize if it does bother you.

2. The music was a forced decision upon me, so it was my second choice and not the first one. The first choice was to just have silence with the ambient noises of the fireplace and feet steps, but the in-game music ruined that and proved impossible to stop, so I opted for the music instead. Yes, it is using the march sequence music, a cutscene that plays literally immediately after this one, but it kind of flows in to it nicely.

3. The showcase video is exactly what you get. But no, it will not switch your warden between male and female, nor will it pop dog in and out, nor will it shuffle between all of the love interests. I tested it with 2 different wardens, and decided to just edit it to show every possibility in a single video rather than making 8 separate videos of them.