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Replacers for EM mage outfit and DF Heavy armour

Permissions and credits
I made these in the course of making my Origin Unique Grey Warden Armour mod and decided to share them as well. Note they are replacers and not unique standalone armour.

EM Mage Robe
This is a new version of the mage robe for EM that has a breastplate on it and a more pronounced tailcoat.
I'm not sure if I will have the time or inclination to make it 3 more times for the other mage races as it was a personal mod, so here is just the elf male for now.

DF Heavy armour heroic proportions
Tweak to make the chestplate bigger, waist thicker and other small changes.

DM Rogue Boot
Slightly less square look for the Dwarf Male rogue boot mesh.

Grey Wardens of Ferelden, or any other file that repackages tmp7704's DA2 ports without changing them.
All these will respond to any retexture you have.

How to Install
Unzip and place folder into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.

Make sure it loads underneath the original tmp7704 Grey Warden of Ferelden files. If your GWOF files are in an ERF loose in your override, put the erf in a folder named 'GWOF' or something similar so it loads alphabetically before these files.

The mage outfit has twice the amount of textures as the original so please make sure you have the 4gb patch if you have any big retextures of the outfits.

To uninstall just delete the folder, they will go back to being tmp7704's regular meshes.

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