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UPDATE: Jan 25th - Version 3 Available

- Corrected issues with some of the item's materials being listed as " () ".
- Added an alternate robe to the package so another look would be optional.
- Added 3 files:
- Dusk Equipment v3: Contains the original Dusk Equipment plus an alternate look for the robe.
- Minor Dusk Equipment: Added a less powerful version of all equipment for those who want something not so '[email protected]$$'. :)
- Deluxe Dusk Equipment: A deluxe package containing the original package, the minor package, and alternate robes for each.

Pics have been added showing the new stats for the Minor Dusk Equipment as well as views of the alternate robe (male and female) and a shot of the original male robes.

UPDATE: The DAZIP file has been replaced with version 2. There was an issue with the equipment re-appearing in your inventory each time the game was reloaded. This issue has been resolved in the update as well as the tint files being placed in the DAZIP file, so that there shouldn't be a need to download these separately (Instructions for replacing v1 with v2 are below).
NOTE: It is still being reported that the equipment can reappear in your inventory with each log in. I have attempted to fix this bug, but cannot figure out what's causing it. I do apologize, but wanted to warn you to download if you'd like, but with the knowledge that you may receive a copy of the armor upon each login...worst case scenario, you can destroy it upon each login or sell it and make lots of gold :) ...your call.

Custom tinted set of 'Dusk' equipment for the mage.

Originally created to compliment my newly created mage, Dusk, to add to her skill and attitude.

Set includes powerful robe, gloves, boots, and hood plus a matching staff to boot!


Ok, this was a request from someone, so I'm not really sure how I need to go about doing this. This will be my first attempt at exporting a module for use in someone else's game, so please let me know via the comments if this is not working for you.

If UPDATING to version 2 please remove the old version first! To do this go to Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Addins and delete the Dusk Equipment folder. Then use the DAUpdater.exe as described below to reinstall version 2.

- Download the provided .dazip file.
- Start the DAUpdate.exe that is located here:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Dragon Age/bin_ship/daupdater.exe
- Click on 'Select DAZIPs' and find the file DuskEquipment.dazip that you just downloaded, click 'Open'
- Select the file in the DAUpdater and click on 'Install Selected'

You're items should appear in your inventory the next time you load your game!

If your robes are not appearing black in the game, you may need to download the optional tints folder and install it in your override folder. If this is the case, you need to download and unzip the attached 'Dusk Robes Tints' file and copy and paste the entire folder here:

Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Packages/Core/Override

Reload your game and the robes should appear black. Please note these are not pitch black however, they were made to where they would not be so dark as to cover the texture of the garment's fabric.

Again, please let me know if this does not work for you, and I will work on getting the issue resolved, but hopefully you will have no issues.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!!