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Provides fixes for abilities which weren't covered in Dain's fixes. Shield Block, Stunning Blows, Combat Magic and Bear Shape(Shapeshifter spell).

Permissions and credits

Decided to take this on cause my completionist itch wouldn't go away until all abilities within the game are fixed.

Dain's fixes addresses most bugs with different abilities and effects. You can use this mod to also fix the ones that were left out namely Shield Block, Stunning Blows, Combat Magic and Bear Shape.


  • Extract the folder and you'll find the 'fix' folders for each individual ability
  • Read the readmes for how to install each one
  • Bear Shape fix can just be added into your C:\Users\"User"\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override - Does not require Dain's fixes
  • Stunning Blows, Shield Block and Combat Magic all rely on some files from Dain's Fixes. Check the readmes in each folder for more info
  • If you're using Combat Magic fix, no need to use Shield Block fix file. Combat Magic fix already contains the changes to Shield Block


  • This mod is meant to work with Dain's Fixes. If you're using other mods which affect these abilities(unlikely), you'll need to choose which ones to use.

What the mod does:

Stunning Blows:

  • Description clearly indicates that this passive should provide the Warrior a 50% chance to Stun for all hits, not just critical hits. This is now implemented.

Shield Block:

  • Description indicates that the Warrior should be immune to backstabs on the shield-bearing side but they are actually immune on the weapon side. This fix corrects that.

Bear Shape:

  • This Shape should also have a 50% bonus to nature resistance but because of a misallocation on the GDA this wasn't being granted. The fix now restores the bonus.

Combat Magic:

  • Description mentions that the damage from weapons should scale with Spellpower, but in reality the damage scales with Magic. This fix addresses the discrepancy. The Player can now take advantage of a higher Spellpower score and activate Combat Magic to deal greater damage to enemies.

Recommended Actions:

This mod is meant to used alongside Dain's Fixes so download and install that first. Of course not all files are needed from Dain's Fixes. Only the ones mentioned in the readmes.

Note of thanks: A huge thank you to Dluf for helping me with the scripts and explaining things to me as I wracked my brain trying to make sense of even the most basics of scripting.