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Say goodbye to all those blurry smears with a HD texture pack, upscaled by AI. Includes optional Reshade preset.

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Dragon Age: Origins finally gets the treatment it deserves.
Old Gods uses AI to upscale most textures in the game, covering over 1,500 individual files.

Creatures | Enemies | Magic | Particle Effects | Weapons | Armour | Clothing
Sprites & Misc.

The exception is if the .dds file is already at 2K resolution, or the upscaling process
mucked up and made it look worse. There were only a handful this applied to.

Upscaling is anywhere from two to four times the size of the original,
with no loss in quality. Check out the screenshots above for more.

Origins is one of my favourite games of all time and this took ages to make,
processing each one by hand. It's amazing what you can achieve when bored.
Please consider endorsing.

Might look at covering the remainder of textures in future updates,
such as landscapes and architecture. This doesn't affect head morphs or
character stuff, so they should work fine.


Drop the files in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder as normal.
It's recommended to keep them in the Old Gods folder for easier sorting.

For compatibility with other mods that use/retexture the same files, feel free to delete
what you don't need. They're all loose, so it won't break anything.

Same thing applies if you don't like how a texture looks.
Just delete it, you don't need to voice your opinion in the comments.

Optional: Reshade

Old Gods comes with an optional ReShade preset I made, changing the lighting and visual tone to be less drab.  

Download the latest version of ReShade from here.

Find the Dragon Age executable. It should be detected automatically,
otherwise Browse to the folder where it's located.

Choose DirectX 9 for the API, since the game is old.
Core file and SweetFX are needed, the rest are optional.

Extract my .ini and copy it into ../bin_ship
where the executable from earlier is.

Start the game and hit the Home key to load the Old Gods preset.
Feel free to tweak it, if you'd like. Enjoy!