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A hair created by the extremely talented Luutzi which BlazingMovement had converted to DAO for Female Elfs and Human Females.
This is the hair Vilna V2, but adorned by the beautiful Leliana.
Obsessed with the new hairs being put out by the talented BlazingMovement and was granted full permission to post my edits to Leliana.

Permissions and credits
The hair was created by the extremely talented LUUTZI, who has allowed others to convert their hairs into other games! 
Be sure to check out the original hair over here!  : https://luutzi.tumblr.com/post/679355485409984513/luutzi-vilna-female-hair-in-4-versions-in

The original mod is linked for HF and EF exclusively.
To install; you will need these mods
Put these in your override folder:
Tucked Hair
Elf Update

When you are finished you will need
Vilna V2 Hair
When you are finished open your chargenmorph file by right clicking and opening it with Notepad.
Scroll down to HF (Human Female hairs) and at the bottom, be sure to edit with this script directly at the bottom of the list.

<resource name="hf_har_vilnaV2_0" cut="1" />

Be sure to save the changes you have made, update with chargenmorph compiler and enjoy!