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Improved the stats and the material of the ancient elven armor as I consider the original stats to be too low, especially since its a ancient armor before arlathan and has a unique skin

Permissions and credits
This mod improves the stats of ancient elven armor 
all the armor pieces, chest, gloves, boots and helmet are of dragonbone material, tier 7 
I've added a additional set bonus of -20 fatigue to the armour set
I've also included an improved spellweaver sword in dragonbone material, tier 7 with improved stats 

I have made changes to the set bonus of the chevalier armor set, its now +3 willpower instead of -3 willpower 

Will not compatible with mods that changes the utc files of the ancient elven armor or spellweaver

Not compatible with the Upgradable Elven Armor mod 

Note: If you have already received any of the items before this mod is installed then the changes will not be made 
only the set bonuses will make a difference 
you will have to use console command to add the item with the improved stats 

Here are the codes depending of which version of the mod "additem item with console command" you have
runscript additem gen_im_arm_cht_med_elv 1.uti or runscript additem gen_im_arm_cht_med_elv 1
runscript additem gen_im_arm_bot_med_elv 1.uti or runscript additem gen_im_arm_bot_med_elv 1
runscript additem gen_im_arm_hel_med_elv 1.uti or runscript additem gen_im_arm_hel_med_elv 1
runscript additem gen_im_arm_glv_med_elv 1.uti or runscript additem gen_im_arm_glv_med_elv 1
runscript additem gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_arw 1.uti or runscript additem gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_arw 1

Download and extract the file and then place in your override folder  > Documents > Bioware > Dragon Age > Core > Override 

Just delete the file in your override folder to uninstall the mod 

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