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Four new faces for the team healer.

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Did you know that at the end of the Fifth Blight, Wynne is 50 years old? Thanks to her design and in-game dialogue, I thought she was supposed to be about 70! I don't actually like Wynne, but since she's a temporary forced-recruitment, I came up with a new look for the team "old" lady.

There are lots of great morphs for Wynne here on the Nexus, but many of them used hairstyles I didn't like, made her look older, or made her look too young. I wanted her to fit in with the vanilla game while looking more true to her real age. I can't change the dialogue or re-voice her lines, but this should at least help with the freaky thing her eyes do when she expresses an emotion in a cutscene.

I made four new faces for her: one is mostly lore-friendly except for her new brown eyes, the second is a Black version of Wynne, the third is an East Asian Wynne, and the fourth is a slightly older Wynne (with her canon eye color) meant to bridge her game appearance with her description in the books. The fourth Wynnes lip color is actually slightly darker than it appears in the screenshots, I just didn't have time to take new ones for such a minor detail. Since she sounds so old, I shot for an "aged-early-but-still-capable-of-keeping-up-with-the-party" kind of look. But she's also bland by herself, so I made a few more diverse options to help de-wonderbread the party!

And if you hate them all, that's okay, too! Like all my other mods, I've released the .mrh files so you can tweak them to your taste. If you've got any ideas, requests, or screenshots, post them here! Especially your screenshots! I'd love to see her in your game!