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Replacers for male mage Robes with models from Loincloth Fashion (beta)

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These are some replacers for the default male circle robes, using Loincloth Fashion outfits.
These are a stopgap I made for my own game. It seems to work fine so far. 

This mod does not contain any of the assets/.msh from Loincloth Fashion, it just points to them. So you need that mod, as well as its Awakening patch.
I did extract the meshes from DA2 myself and modify them to make LOD3 models, so they should not flash to vanilla at a distance.

These only change for EM and HM males. All other races & the females should look like vanilla when you put robes on them.

Available robe

-Cumberland Circle Robe (for APPB)
-Aequitarian Robe (for APPA)
-Orsino Robe (for APPA and APPB)

The Apprentice robes (the ones your mage character starts in) are appa and the Mage (like what Irving wears) are appb.
You should be able to mix and match between the races, and delete what you don't want. Just only delete the mmh/msh files, don't delete any shared maos or textures.


Loincloth fashion - DAZIP, install with your mod manager.
You will also need Loincloth fashion Awakening Compatibility- the ERF folder, place it in your override. Don't forget this! Otherwise the robes will only appear in Origins and you'll be a floating head in the DLCs.

From hoarous's The Circle Reforged, under optional files:
Aequitarian retexture
Orsino retexture

Unzip and place folders into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.

Finally, download the files of this and put in your override as well.
To uninstall just delete the folders, meshes don't stay in your savegame so should be free to uninstall any time.

This will conflict with any other file that replaces the male _rob_appa_ or rob_appb_ .mmh files.

This just replaces meshes, so it will be compatible with any UTC edit
It points to different texture path so it should work fine with any retexture of the mage robe.

Not presently compatible with the main file of The Circle Reforged, as that mod works by pointing to a different file path.

-These seem to work in Origins, Awakening, and Witch Hunt, but I'm not sure about the other DLC. I don't see why they wouldn't work so long as you have the Awakening patch in your override.

- These will make your warden drink from the joining goblet upside down. It's a common problem on modded items.