Dragon Age: Origins

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Ports of female dwarven armors from DAI, because DFs need cool armors, too.

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Poor dwarf ladies.   So neglected.  :'( 

These are ports of dwarfy armors from Inquisition, intended to add DF support to the DM armors in Loincloth Fashion.  Also includes the matching helms, and two new DAI armors for both DF & DM. 
Armors are made with tmp7704's female dwarf proportions fix

I did my best to line up the parts with vanilla armor, but there still might be some small gaps when mixed with other sets, especially other modded armors. 

There are three different packages:
Standalone - self-explanatory.  Uses textures converted by me from DAI.  Armors are tintable.  Includes UTIs and runscripts for everything. 
Do not use if you have Loincloth Fashion installed!  You will likely get floating heads and/or other weirdness!
LCF Addon - meshes are mapped to entopie's DA2 textures (when applicable).  As in LCF, armors are non-tintable.  UTIs & runscripts only included for new helmets and armors. 
Requires Loincloth Fashion.
LCF Hybrid - still an addon for LFC, but all new meshes use my DAI textures and are tintable.  UTIs & runscripts only included for new helmets and armors.
Requires Loincloth Fashion.

By design, uses the same GDA #s as LCF for the overlapping armors/gloves/boots:
armor_light_variation 41, 43, 44
armor_medium variation 9, 17
boots_light_variation 41, 43, 44
boots_medium_variation 9, 17
gloves_light_variation 41, 43, 44
gloves_medium_variation 9, 17

Additional GDAs:
helmet_light_variation 41, 43, 44
helmet_medium_variation 17
helmet_heavy_variation 60
armor_heavy_variation 60
armor_medium_variation 60
boots_heavy_variation 60
boots_medium_variation 60
gloves_heavy_variation 60
gloves_medium_variation 60

Thanks to entopie for the amazing Loincloth Fashion, as well as to NewByPower for his Blender import/export script, and to the makers of Texconv!  :D