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\"Don\'t worry, Be hairy!\" mod is a hair replacement for default hair sets.

Permissions and credits
just dropped by to say that I'm no longer active in the modding scene (damn job, no time).
So if you want a permission to use my files, you have it, just don't forget to give credit where credit is due.
Sorry that i didn't have time to answer all the PMs (some were in my box for months...).
Bye guys.

Hey there,
is your DA character having a bad hair day?
Fear no more, 'coz the "Don't worry, Be hairy!" mod (or DwBh for short) is here.
With it, you can replace one or more default hair models of your choice with custom ones.

First about the authors of this mod:
This mod contains free meshes and textures made by many talented artists,
most meshes were distributed on various game modding forums & communities.
My work on this mod, will be only limited to converting the data into DA format,
so more people could enjoy those fabulous works.

You can find credits for each hairpiece at the bottom of this text.
If a name in credits is wrong or missing and you know better,
plz let me know and ill fix it.

Since i need to scale & morph meshes during a conversion process, the resulted
look of the mesh can look drastically changed in comparison to vanilla one.
So a huge "sorry...it wasn't me" goes in advance to all the authors, whos meshes
i'll be, or already had a pleasure to mishandle ^_^'

1. Extract downloaded DWBH archive
2. Copy "DontWorryBeHairy" folder that was inside the archive into your:
"...\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override"

On Vista and Windows7, the correct override folder is under:
"C:\Users\\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override"
On XP it should be (depending on language of your OS) in:
"C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override"

Youre not done yet:
Now inside "DontWorryBeHairy" folder you will find HF(and later also EF, DF & etc)
subfolders. HF stand for "Human female", DF is dwarf female & etc.
Those folders contain hair pieces for specific races and genders.

3. Now lets go into "HF" folder and replace some hair.
First, we need to find out the name of the hair model which we want to replace.
For this purpose, there are 2 files inside the HF folder:
"hf Hair.jpg" and "hf Hair.txt".
Remember how Morrigan's hair looks like? Lets replace that!
Open the "hf Hair.jpg" and look for Morrigans hair in the picture.
Its the very first one, the hair name is located on the top: "hf_har_mora_0.mmh"
If you want to save yourself some typing, you can find this name in txt file for
you to copy.

4. Now that we have a name, lets finally replace Morrigan's hair with hf001 Hair.
Go into hf001 folder, find "---.mmh" file and rename it to "hf_har_mora_0.mmh".
Morrigan will now wear hf001 hair ingame.

Additional notes:
More than one person can wear the same custom hair.
If you want to wear hf001 hair just like your gal Morrigan, find out the name of the
hair your character is wearing(see step 3), make another copy of ".mmh" file and rename this copy
to the name of your avatar's hair. Congrats, you're now wearing 001 hair as well.

You now can use different colors for each hairstyle:
1.For example, after installation of this mod go into your:
"...\override\DontWorryBeHairy\HF\hf001" folder and delete "hf_har_001d.dds", which is the standard color file.
2. Now go into "...\hf001\alternative colors\" folder and rename a dds file with color you want (for example "hf_har_001d caramel.dds") to "hf_har_001d.dds"

Credits for used models & textures:
hf001 - NewSea's J002 rosycloud (http://newseasims.blog.163.com)
hf002 - Anto's hair#61 (http://www.coolsims.net)
hf003 - NewSea's yu004-Bob (http://newseasims.blog.163.com)

Additional credits:
This mod was brought into the game with the help of Blender ImportExport Script by NewByPower.

Thanks for reading,