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Expands Makara's Thedosian Grey Wardens to include models for Dwarven Wardens

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Thedosian Grey Wardens - Dwarven Expansion
10/21/20: Men added

Expands Makara's Thedosian Grey Wardens to include Dwarven armors.

That's...it. Please follow instructions on that mod page. This mod will absolutely, positively not work even remotely without following Makara's instructions. This mod only contains models needed so without the initial mod, these are just useless files in your override. This contains no textures, no items, no scripts. Just Dwarven models. If there are any problems with Dwarven models, please let me know. Any other problems with Thedosian Wardens should be referred to that mod page. 

Though it is not required for this to "work", I recommend downloading tmp7704's Dwarven proportions fix. Otherwise, when you try to mix up gloves and armors, you'll get some oddities as this mod was made with that skeletal rig. The hands are still a little "noodly" but it's not obvious.

Installation: Unzip contents of Thedosian Wardens - Dwarven Expansion - the ladies.7z into:

USER/Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override

Do not install into the override folder located in the installation directory 

Obviously and most importantly, makara5656 for Thedosian Grey Wardens - this mod could not exist without it! 

Credits to BioWare for of course the series and Inquisition and to Eshme for the 3dsmax plugin.

Special thanks to ellia on the DAO Modding discord for helping me fix an incredibly annoying skeletal problem.