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Lore friendly face changes for some NPCs and with less catfish!

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It is VERY IMPORTANT you read EVERYTHING below. Failure to do so will result in your question not being answered and/or the mod not working.

Part I


There were some NPCs faces that drove me nuts. First Enchanter Irving looked like a catfish, Isolde looked like a child and that default hair on Wynne was awful.

True, there are many face mods that could alleviate the migraine. To be honest though, none of them were my cup of tea. Likewise, I am sure these face changes may not be their or even your cup of tea. 

Dragon Age lore is important to me. So I did my best to stay true with their default face design so they would blend in with the game and not stand out.

I am fully aware they may not be perfect.  If you have any constructive suggestions, please by all means let me know.

To see a before and after photo click on the names of the NPCs (below) in BIG letters and highlighted in blue.

Part II


Every time I see Irving, my first thought is, "Damn! He looks like a catfish!"

Cleaned-up his face, got rid of that awful bruising under his eyes.
Brighten his eyes, so they are less da
Trimmed his hair and beard.
Now he looks less like a catfish and more presentable
---and human.

Mods Needed
: Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors

Knight-Commander Greagoir:

Greg  looked unkempt, like he never saw a bar of soap--- or water ---in his life.

Got rid of the dark shadows and bruising. Gave him a better haircut. Left his face warmer on, but, removed the stubble on the cheeks.

Queen Anora

Anora did not look like a Queen. She, well, looked like a high ranking concubine for the noble class. I wanted to give her a more regal look without going overboard.

Removed the awful shadowing on her cheeks and eyes. Replaced that hideous default hair with one that looks more regal. Darkened her eyebrows. Removed her old mismatched make-up and gave her soft colors of pink and rose. Brighten her eye color and gave a bit of dark eye shadow and liner to make her eyes stand out.

Mods Needed:  Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors,  Hairstyle Day Vol. 2, Eyeshadow Collection (both files), Lipstick Collection

Arl Eamon:

I was not sure if Arl Eamon was an Arl or Santa Claus --- maybe both?!?!  Furthermore, giving him a clean cut hairstyle with an unkempt beard just looks awful. 
Personally, by making some small improvements on Eamon's face without changing him in a drastic manner, well, he looks more like Teagan's brother than looking like his father.

 I got rid of Eamon's Zevran-style hairstyle and replaced it with one befitting his position and face. Removed that awful hobo beard and replaced with a goatee. Replaced his eyebrows with a thicker but trimmer style.  Recolored his hair, eyebrows and beard to a darker gray. Brightened his eyes. Replaced the default face complexion and removed the terrible bruising under his eyes. 

Mods Needed: Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors

Lady Isolde

Out of all
the faces I changed, Isolde was the worst offender. 
As I said above, I am big stickler on lore, but Isolde was an exception. Considering Isolde does not have her own face morph, I am going to assume she was a late addition to the game and thrown together. The end result was not pleasant. Isolde looks like a child and not a wife, mother and a lady of her house.

Isolde is Orlesian. While Orelsians are known to be flamboyant with their appearance, going that far with Isolde would make no sense given the events currently happening around her and has lived in Ferelden long enough to have a child. Thus her hair and makeup need to look well-groomed but not overly done.

Yes, I swapped out her dirty blonde hair for a more reddish color to match of her son, Connor. Unless Bioware comes out and confirms a theory among fans (including me) that Isolde and Teagan are/were having an affair and Connor is really Teagan's boy, well the change stays.

However, I must apologize, I tried to get a good in-game screenshot of her new face, but alas, I cannot find an old save to do so. Nor does the console commands help. When I get to that point in the story, I will update her comparison shot. But with the saves I do have, I can confirm
Lady Isolde's new face
IS working. However, I cannot say for certain this is the finish product because I can be rather picky.
So, it is up to you to try it out yourself and please I welcome constructive feedback.

Mods Needed:
Tucked Hair
Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors, Eyeshadow Collection (both files), Lipstick Collection


I did not like the look of  Flemeth's import mod from DA2 to Origins. To me she looked out of place and ruined the "surprise," in DA2. Isabella is weird but tolerable. Flemeth? No.
My goal was to make Flemeth look like her later game appearances but not seem out of place in Origins.

Yeah, it was tricky because I am no mod expert and certainly not an artist. Took me a couple of days of tweaking, fiddling, testing, comparing screenshots and I think I got it. Well, maybe.

 I could tell you all the changes I did but, the screenshot should speak for itself. The "biggest" modification was smoothing out her jawline since the default looked liked the broken chips at the bottom of a Pringles can. 

Mods Needed:  Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors, Hairstyle Day Vol. 2, Eyeshadow Collection (both files), Lipstick Collection


Yes, I know there are many Lilly's face mods but, in my opinion they either did too much or not enough. I suppose someone could say the same about my version-- LOL! Considering Lilly's past and origin, I want to make her seem exotic, irresistible, inviting, but also dangerous.
Kind of like forbidden fruit. 😉

Not much was changed with Lilly's face. The biggest challenge was her hair. Lilly face shape needed a hairstyle to frame it but also needed to be out of the way for an archer. Generally, I am not a fan of short hair on females, but there are exceptions such as this one. The hairstyle checked both of my requirements and I moved on to the eye color and make-up. Lilly's eyes were given a unique blue texture. I removed the horrid default make-up and replaced it with darker color

Mods Needed:
Tucked Hair
Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors, Eyeshadow Collection (both files), Lipstick Collection,
LOTC Eye Texture


I cannot recall who or when it was, but I recall watching a Dragon Age Origins video on YouTube. And I loved their look of Wynne. After digging in the comments, I found out which hair was being used.  

Wynne’s modifications are what started this mod’s journey and me learning the Toolset.

All that was done to Wynne was removing that hideous default hairstyle, red eye shadow, lipstick and blush. I replaced it with softer colors that suit a grandmother and a woman well traveled. The default color of Wynne's eyes were frost, so I swapped it out for a brighter blue color. And lastly, I refused edit her skin wrinkles because they were fine as is.

Mods Needed:
Tucked Hair
Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors, Eyeshadow Collection (both files), Lipstick Collection


I understand Duncan is a Grey Warden, but he is visiting all these locations--from lords to the poor- one would assume Duncan would take the time to look more presentable. Especially, being a leader, recruitment officer and a representative of the Warden Order.

Duncan's skin looked off -- kind of chalky-- so I swapped it out for a better skin texture.  He needed a shave, thus I removed the face stubble on his cheeks, jaw and mouth. Brightened his dull eyes. Colored his hair, beard and eyebrows with a black color that is truly black.
Did not remove the wrinkles of Duncan's age but removed the awful shadowing and bruising in various places on his face.

The end result is Duncan looking more presentable without losing his age, stress and combat wear over the decades of being a Warden.

Mods Needed
: Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors

Arl Rendon Howe

BOO! BOO! (Throws a rotten tomato at Howe)

Howe is an asshole. We all know this is true. But let us be honest, his default face texture is just....bad.

Howe looks like someone beat his ass up before your or my character could reach him first.
That is no fun and fair.

I gave Howe a better skin texture. Removed the shadowing and layers of bruising on his skin. (Really Bioware....why do you have an  obsession with shadowing and bruising on faces?!!!?) Howe's eyes were brightened. Gave him a better color for his hair and eyebrows.

Howe still looks like an asshole but not an "I got my ass kicked already" asshole.

Mods Needed
: Pineappletrees Vibrant Colors

Part III

Recommended But Not Required Mods

Better Makeup

Eyebrow Presets

White Teeth

LOTC Female Eyelashes

Part IV



Important Notes:

This mod does not require any DLCs

You can install this mod at anytime. You do not need to start a new game.

There maybe some hair clipping. Nothing I can do about it. But considering this is Bioware it should blend in nicely as if the changes are a natural part of the game.

This mod does require you to sacrifice a goat to the Great Demon and howl loudly.

Download the required mods and follow their instructions of installation.

Once that is completed, choose which face file or files you want and download.

Place the downloaded file or files in a safe location of your choosing.

Highlight the zipped face file, right click and unzip.

Highlight the newly zipped folder, right click again and hit copy.

Navigate to: C:\Users\<Your Name>\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages/core/override and paste the folder.

Before loading your game check to see if there are any other mor files that share the same file as mine.
To do this go to the top of your Override folder and type in the search bar <name>.mor. Example: Anora.mor.
If any duplicate or duplicates are found delete those and keep my file.

Problems? See troubleshooting below.

Part V


*Delete the entire, "A Few Good Faces" folder or folders.

Part VI


Problem: Invisible heads:

This is generally caused by a corrupt file or sometimes a file conflict.

If you followed the installation instructions or assumed you know everything and did not need to read them, you may want to [double-] check your override for any duplicate mor files. Using Duplicate Search Tool can assist you.

After checking, I suggest you delete this mod's current folder, download my file again and reinstall. Sometimes a hiccup can occur when downloading any file.

Again, if you find no solution in either of those suggestions, try searching Google. Many other players may have encountered the same issue and may have a solution.

I do know the Improved Atmosphere mod can cause problems, which is why I no longer use it.  IF you do have Improved Atmosphere installed, I suggest we see if that is the issue.

*Make a backup save of your current game or make a new test character.

*Go to your override folder.

*Highlight and cut everything that is or related to Improved Atmosphere. This means: Improved Atmosphere, any patches and all mods that are patched to work with Improved Atmosphere -- such as Grey Wardens of Ferelden etc.

*Paste these folders in a safe place like your desktop.

*Create/Load your test save. Ignore the warning--if it pops-up.

*Once in the game see if the heads are invisible.

-If the heads are visible, you have a conflicting file within I.A. it's a matter of figuring out which file it is.

-If the heads are still invisible contact me immediately.

Problem: Game Crashes

It is unlikely this mod will cause any crashes.

If you are experiencing crashes it maybe because your game needs the
4gb patch.

If you are using the Steam Version you will need to go here.

Problem: Missing Textures

After installing this mod and you notice hair is missing or eyes are white, its because you missed downloading a required file. Double-check and make sure you downloaded and installed those mods correctly. If all has been done correctly and the problem is there please contact me so I can resolve the issue.

Part VII

Question and Answers

I don't like this mod!

That is an opinion not a question. And if you do not like, well, why the hell are you even here?

I like thus but, not the hair, can you change it?

Uh. No. I am not a McDonald's drive-thru.

These people are ugly!

Again this is a statement not a question. There is an old saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder." I will however send my sympathies that you need to use my mod or any other internet page to do an eye test. Within the coming days I hope you can afford a proper eye doctor.

Wynne is only in her late forties, why didn't you make her and others more appropriate to their age?

There is already a mod that does. There are also other mods that make everyone look like a GQ model or some form of an anime character. I don't agree with it because it does break lore, but everyone has different tastes. That being said, you or anyone need to put down the tide pods or stop licking lampposts or whatever it is you young whipper snappers get up to these days and read history.

The Dragon Age timeline is not 2020. The closest time frame we have to the Dragon Age would be: Medieval Times. A woman in her 30s was considered too old to marry and have children. Whether you were a man or woman to see the age of 40 was luck and even luckier to see the age of 60. People during these times didn't have proper diet, health care or even Botox. True, this is a game and not real life, but this does occur in other notable and less notable written works.

Can you make this for my Xbox/my Gameboy/my phone?

Sure! But, I am currently busy trying to get this mod to work with my microwave. Once that is done, I'll drop everything and get this to work for whatever you want; even wiping your ass.

Can I use this mod to make another mod?

 If you want to make a mod with this mod so you can have a mod with this mod--for personal use--by all means have at it.


Thank you

I want to give a BIG thank you to the fellow mod authors for creating such amazing mods.
Without your epic talent these face mods would not be possible .

 for Tucked Hair

 for Vibrant Colors v1.31

 for Lipstick and Eyeshadow Collections

 for More Hairstyles

 for Hairstyle Day Vol.Two

for LTC Eye Textures

And a thank you to Bioware for making an amazing game; before you got your balls cut off and sold your souls to E.A.

****  If at any point a fellow mod author changes their permission and wants me to remove this mod, I will do so without hesitant.
Property of this mod belongs to myself, the fellow mod authors and Bioware. You cannot alter this mod in anyway and upload it as your own. IF this mod is seen elsewhere it is stolen and needs to be reported immediately. ****