Dragon Age: Origins
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I decided to create a few elf male presets for people to use in the character creator.

Permissions and credits
The presets in this mod are intended for your personal use, meaning you can use them to create your Warden and you don't need to credit me. However, if you use my presets to create other characters for mods that you intend to make available publicly, you need to credit my work.

**The skin complexions I used to create the presets have freckles, but since you can change your complexion in the character creation screen you can swap out the complexion I used for one that you prefer. The only reason you are required to download the skin complexions and the hair I used, is so the faces show up properly in the character creation screen.**

To Install: 
Download the file
Unzip the RAR file using WinRar (I use this program to zip all my files)
Place in your override folder \Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\Override

Required Mods for these presets to work:

Barnzi Face Textures - Created by Barnzi88 (files needed uh_hed_freckle4_0d & uh_hed_freckle4_0n)

Lipstick - Mole and Freckle Textures - Created by SammyJC (Files Needed uh_hed_sjc_mole4_0d and uh_hed_sjc_mole4_0n, uh_hed_sjc_freckles2_0d and uh_hed_sjc_freckles2_0n)

Tucked Hair Mod - Created by TMP7704   (files needed all those associated with em_har_hda2b08a_0)

***You need to enter into your chargenmorph manually***

<resource name="em_preset1.mop"/>
<resource name="em_preset2.mop"/>
<resource name="em_preset3.mop"/>
<resource name="em_preset4.mop"/>
<resource name="em_preset5.mop"/>
<resource name="em_preset6.mop"/>
<resource name="em_preset7.mop"/>

I used Bioware's skintones for the presets, so there wouldn't be as many mods for people to download. However, I want to recommend my favorite skin tone mod 45 Real Skin Colours, especially for people who have wardens with darker skin tones.

*Optional but recommended*
45 Real Skin Colours - Created by Dalishious