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A port of the unarmoured mabari model from Dragon Age: Inquisition. And more.

Permissions and credits
The new mabari is oddly cute. Except for its soulless demon eyes, that is. Here it is. With slightly less terrifying eyes.


  • a mesh port; the main event
  • three custom retextures: reddish brown & amber eyes, sandy brown & blue eyes, greyish brown & brown eyes
  • functional, if heavily edited, kaddis
  • adjusted portrait to centre the new head
  • a bit of visual variety amongst NPC mabari

Will conflict with other edits to the mabari model, mabari UTCs and kaddis textures.

Known Issues
The tongue is in jail. I messed around with the weights a lot in order to keep it from clipping all the way through the lower jaw, so now it extends less like fresh bubblegum and more like semi-old rubber. Dog's animations just weren't made for an elongated muzzle.

  1. Drop into your override folder located in My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override.
  2. Optional: To have your mabari to use one of the two alternative shades of brown, locate your preferred diffuse texture (c_mub_mubarib_d.dds or
  3. c_mub_mubaric_d.dds) in the included ...\npc mubari subfolder. Copy that
    texture and rename it to c_mub_mubari_d.dds, then overwrite the
    existing texture of the same name with the renamed one.

NewByPower for their Blender ImportExport Script
Devs of the Frosty Tool Suite (FBX export)