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Replaces the default appearances for Eleanor, Bryce, Fergus and Oriana with clothing/armor from Ladyofpayne's packs. Now includes Ser Gilmore and Lady Landra's son!

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UPDATE (May 15th): Fixed the issue with the clothes being restricted to a specific class and characters showing up in their underwear. Please read the sticky note in the comments for more info!

UPDATE (May 10th): Added an Improved Atmosphere version, as well as changes to both Dairren and Ser Gilmore's clothing (check pictures), under optional files.

Have I mentioned that I love Ladyofpayne's outfit/armor packs? Because I really, really do. So, my first thought when I downloaded them was "how about I make the Couslands wear this".

And so here it is: a full HN Origin outfit replacement for our favorite family - the Couslands! Minus our HoF, because I already have a separate mod for him/her xD

You'll need the Witcher Pack, as well as Viva la Orlais and Ferelden pack for this mod to work. Floating heads otherwise :(

Since I noticed an item ID mismatch in Ladyofpayne's GDA files, which made some outfits appear invisible or conflict with one another, I've provided new GDA files along with the clothing changes. Just replace the ones of the same name in her folders with mine and you should be all set :D

I haven't added an Improved Atmosphere-Compatible version of this mod yet, but I'll make sure to do that soon, if anyone's interested. Either way, if you want to, you can replace the ".utc" files in the IA folder that have the same name as mine with the files in the main ".zip" and it should work.