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Changes the human noble starting attire to one from Ladyofpayne's Viva la Orlais. Now with other alternatives!

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UPDATE (May 15th): Fixed the issue with the clothes being restricted to a specific class. Please read the sticky note in the comments for more info!

UPDATE (May 10th): Added new options for each gender. Some of them only work for one gender, but others work for both (check pictures to get a better idea of it!). Keep in mind that all options change the same thing, so they're incompatible with each other. You can only pick ONE outfit to swap the defaults with.

Hi there, folks!

We all know the outfit Human Nobles start with is... bland, to say the least. I mean, really, who goes around their own home, on a normal day, equipped in full leather armor and a sword and shield? Guards, maybe, but not Lord/Lady Cousland.

So I changed that. Your HN will now wear Vivienne's robe (or its male version, depending on which gender you're playing as) from Ladyofpayne's Viva la Orlais (which you'll need for this mod to work). Even if it is Orlesian, it still fits this origin story much better than whatever it was that BioWare gave us, I hope :')

I've made 2 versions: one as a standalone, another compatible with SpaceAlex's Improved Atmosphere. Download ONLY ONE OF THEM.

As with most mods, place it in your "(...)/Dragon Age/packages/core/override" folder. For the IA version, let my files overwrite the ones in the Improved Atmosphere folder - they won't change anything other than the HN starting outfit.

Let me know if you run into any trouble getting this mod to work. I'm still rather new to modding, but I'm always looking to improve! As always, stay safe, everyone! :D