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Change the arrows of some bows into new projectiles, such as fireball or insect swarm, making these bows deal special types of damage.
These projectiles can also be assigned to staffs by editing save-game file using pyGFF.

Permissions and credits
Looking for more various arrow styles of bows? This mod allows you to fire fireballs / Ballista Bolt / Lightning or other "arrows" with the tweaked bows.
Check out the screenshots to see these "arrows" and the damage inflicted by them.

*****If you want to change the projectiles of your own bows or staffs simply by editing game save files, you can follow my tutorial introduced in V1.04*****

Version 1.07

Decreases the moving speed of Marsh Mist so that it's easier to be observed when launched.

Version 1.06

Fixes a major bug that causes most of the modified bows to disappear after loading a save file.

Version 1.05

Bregan's Bow (promotional item for Origins campaign) [Requires Bregan's Bow (Origins) DLC]:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Arrow Type: Lava Burst
  • Damage Type: Fire
  • Damage Color: OrangeRed #FF6600 (original in-game color)

Antique Warden Crossbow (Requires Warden's Keep DLC):
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: Increase XP bonus from codex; Increase money gain; No attributes requirements
  • Arrow Type: Shimmering Stars (Requires Witch Hunt DLC)
  • Damage Type: Special
  • Damage Color: Sienna #FF9D49

Scout's Bow:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +50 stamina/mana; +10% chance to reduce movement; Telekinetic Weapon
  • Arrow Type: Mystic Projectile (Requires Witch Hunt DLC)
  • Damage Type: Special
  • Damage Color: SlateBlue #7A90FF

Version 1.04

Introduces a tutorial for anyone who wishes to change the projectiles of bows/staffs simply by editing the game save files using Mephales's pyGFF, with four screenshots available for reference.

Version 1.03

Replaces a wrong file put in the old version of "the Dark Moon - Fireball".
Adds an All-in-One file that includes all the modified bows listed below; A "readme.txt" file can be found in the mod folder.

Version 1.02

Adds three kinds of strange grand "arrows": Cold Wind, Marsh Mist, Mysterious Matrix.

Antivan Longbow:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +5% ranged critical chance; +3 willpower; Iced Weapon
  • Arrow Type: Cold Wind
  • Damage Type: Cold
  • Damage Color: SkyBlue #24C4FF (original in-game color)

Antivan Crossbow:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +5% chance to dodge attacks; Poison: Quiet Death; Weakens nearby darkspawn; Reduces Hostility; No attributes requirements
  • Arrow Type: Marsh Mist
  • Damage Type: Nature
  • Damage Color: Chartreuse #6DB200 (original in-game color)

The Sorrows of Arlathan (reward for Origins campaign) (Requires Witch Hunt DLC):
  • Arrow Type: Mysterious Matrix (Requires Stone Prisoner DLC)
  • Damage Type: Spirit
  • Damage Color: Magenta #BA00FF (original in-game color)

Version 1.01

These "arrows" are general projectiles in Origins or Awakening campaign.

Mage's Eye:
  • Stat (Only lists modified properties): +12% ranged critical chance
  • Arrow Type: Swarm of insects
  • Damage Type: Special (Unaffected by any damage resistance)
  • Damage Color: LightSalmon #FF6363

Far Song:
  • Arrow Type: Frost Projectile
  • Damage Type: Cold
  • Damage Color: SkyBlue #24C4FF (original in-game color)

Imperium Crossbow:
  • Stat: +4% chance to paralyze; +16 attack
  • Arrow Type: Evil Projectile
  • Damage Type: Spirit
  • Damage Color: Magenta #BA00FF (original in-game color)

Wilds Bow
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +5% chance to stun; +4 cunning
  • Arrow Type: Grease Projectile
  • Damage Type: Nature
  • Damage Color: Chartreuse #6BC400

Marjolaine's Recurve:
  • Stat: +10% electricity damage; Can be equipped by everyone
  • Arrow Type: Lightning Bolt
  • Damage Type: Electricity
  • Damage Color: Purple #7E42FF

The Dark Moon:
  • Arrow Type: Fireball
  • Damage Type: Fire
  • Damage Colr: Red #CD0000

Sailor's Crossbow:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +5 magic; +30% healing received; +2 combat mana regeneration; No attributes requirements
  • Arrow Type: Creation Projectile
  • Damage Type: Special
  • Damage Color: OliveGreen #BCEE68

Precision-Geared Recurve:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +8 attack; +10% chance to knock back
  • Arrow Type: Catapult Rock (Requires Awakening Expansion)
  • Damage Type: Special
  • Damage Color: BurlyWood #8B7355

Falon' Din's Reach:
  • Stat: -3s aiming time; +10% chance to dispel magical effect on hit
  • Arrow Type: Electric Zap (Requires Awakening Expansion)
  • Damage Type: Electricity
  • Damage Color: Purple #7E42FF

Whitewood Bow
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +30% nature damage
  • Arrow Type: Children's Spit Projectile (Requires Awakening Expansion)
  • Damage Type: Special
  • Damage Color: SeaGreen #9DFF96

The Fox's Bow:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +1 all attributes; Improves blood magic; Interrupts spellcasting; No attributes requirements
  • Arrow Type: Polymorph Projectile
  • Damage Type: Spirit
  • Damage Color: Magenta #BA00FF (original in-game color)

Bow of the Golden Sun:
  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +10% fire resistance; +2 combat health regeneration; No attributes requirements
  • Arrow Type: Archdemon Fireball Projectile
  • Damage Type: Fire
  • Damage Color: OrangeRed #FF6600 (original in-game color)

  • Material: Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
  • Stat: +10% spirit damage; +12% spell resistance
  • Arrow Type: Arcane Projectile
  • Damage Type: Spirit
  • Damage Color: Yellow #FFEB19
Extract the downloaded zip file to your override folder.