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Replaces the textures and tints of the default noble dresses for all races.

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Noble Dress Overhaul

I finally got tired of looking at the eye searing noble dresses and decided to retexture them to look like clothes people might actually wear. And also adjusted the tints and tintmaps to make them look less like plastic.

These should work for all races with or without tmp7704's proportion fixes, though I haven't tested intensively. They have skin tone tinting, though seams are slightly more visible on very dark skinned characters.

This mod replaces the default noble dress textures, it does not make new standalone dresses. It will affect all npcs wearing noble dresses. 


Dress A aka Eleanor Cousland's dress
- no more tank-top-over-shirt
- no more clown sleeves
- no longer made of plastic
- reduced the number of colours from 6 to 3
- simplified gold choker
- gold heels

Dress B aka Lady Isolde's dress
- no more boob net
- reduced colours from 6 to 3
- turned cape thing into bodice 
- gold heels

Dress C aka Anora's dress
- reduced colours from 5 to 3
- no longer made of plastic
- now 2 layered dresses instead of like 4
- gold heels

Dress D
- no more skirt slits
- no longer made of plastic
- less nun-like neckline
- added gold choker
- saucy red heels

Dress E aka Rica's dress
- turns pointless leather shoulder thing into bodice
- no more tears in fabric

Dress F aka Tabris wedding dress (not pictured)
- boots are no longer plastic