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Seven sets of morphs for the Cousland family, only using vanilla resources (no mods required).

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I've seen a lot of great morphs for the Cousland family so that they can look more like whatever warden you may have, but many of them require different mods for hair/skin/etc. So I decided to try making some more lightweight morphs that do not require any other downloads. 

That being said, there are a few mods shown in the images, but I repeat, they are not required:

The 02's are the vanilla faces with a few minor tweaks, like lessening Eleanor's makeup.
I didn't make any morphs for Oriana, as she is Fergus' wife and not blood related. But if you're looking for a nice one for her, I recommend checking out shamelesslymkp's; a vanilla resource only version is included.

IMPORTANT - MAKE SURE YOU ONLY HAVE ONE VERSION OF EACH FILE IN YOUR OVERIDE AT A TIME! For example, having both the hf_bhn100_mother.mor versions from 01 and 05 will cause conflicts. You can, however, have hf_bhn100_mother.mor from 01 and hm_bhn100_father from 05; feel free to pick whichever ones you want from whichever sets you want.

Simply pick and choose what headmorphs you want and drop them in your override: Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override