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pretty sure there are other mods that do this as well but this is my attempt at making some of the unique and restricted items more useful... in an overpowered, immersion-breaking way. use it if you don't care about immersion or whatever.

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This will only work only if you start a new game after installing the mod. If you install this mod in the middle of your run, all the items you've already discovered will remain the same. For those who don't wanna restart their run, you can use the additem console command to add another copy of the item. this will have the new stats. then you can destroy the old item and use the new and improved version.

Like I already mentioned in the title, this will make some items very overpowered. It might make combat a bit too easy on the lower difficulty levels. So if you're very particular about balancing and immersion, this mod is definitely not for you. On the other hand, maybe you wanna keep your companion's unique accessories on them for roleplay purposes and don't wanna use the better accessories you might find in the vanilla game because "I wanna give Alistair these two rings that will make so much better in combat but I don't wanna remove his Runic Worry Token goddamnit the struggle! Urgh! I love this game and I torture myself for it!" No? You don't feel that way? It's just me?

I've changed the properties of all the unique companion-restricted accessories. Wildstone Clasp, Seeker's Circle, Runic Worry Token, etc. so that they are actually very useful to their wearer. Morrigan's Robes of Possession are upgraded.  Some other unique items like Archivist's Sash, Spellward, etc have been given upgrades that I felt they should have. For example, the Spellward is described by the game as something that is a must-have for Templars going after Blood Mages. So I gave it 100% Spell Resistance and a considerable bonus to mental resistance while also improving the properties it already had by default. I'm too lazy and depressed to actually list out all the items and changes Lol

I haven't changed every unique item but I've changed the ones I regularly use in my run. I play as an Elf Mage from the Circle so maybe these changes are most useful to elf mage wardens? Anyway, you'll notice that the Ring of Study has suddenly become VERY useful to your Circle Mage Warden. And the Warden's Oath is something you can now proudly wear without worrying about other better amulets because there is arguably no better amulet for your warden commander.

Do I plan to upgrade more unique items in the near future? Yes. I might wake up tomorrow morning with the will to open the toolset and sift through all the unique items. Or maybe the next week. Or whenever I have time.

What I'm trying to say is, there is a good possibility this mod will be updated with content in the future. But it might not happen quickly. I do intend to cover all the unique items though. Some day. Okay this is just my mood right now lol when I wake up on a happy day, I might finish everything in an hour. You never know. I might also make different versions of the items for each class, if a lot of you ask for it.