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This is an updated and more adaptive version of the mod for mapping keybord controls for xbox360 controllers by evertaile

I arranged and changed some button making the game completely playable on the gamepad (usb joysick) and the ps3 and xbox controllers. without the need of the keyboard

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Hello , KaneAstrongness here

As many
I wanted to play Dragon Age Origins on PC, unfortunatly  I found that the game had no support for gamepads and console (ps3, xbox)

I found evertaile's mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/2624/ ) that uses the xpadder mapping software to make the game playable with an xbox360 controller but I admit that some buttons did not work on my gamepad, and its version (console) was very difficult to play with the mouse who often  click randomly object no matter how.

So I took his profile and made some changes, including the action buttons (right and left click) of the mouse, making the game on gamepad completely playable with a gamepad controller.

I am currently in the middle of the game and I have not touched the keyboard for the moment because I do almost everything on the controller.

it is an update of the profile (1) of evertaile and you must take as an illustration image, the controller xbox360 for the mapping (but it works on the gamepad style playstation)

LT - left mouse click (useful for clicking menus, moving objects, selecting conversations, character, top menu etc.)

RT-click right mouse (to attack, confirm actions, open door, take objects etc. ..)

start - Inventory, which I find much more useful and fast if you are a console gamer like me, otherwise you can modify it with the button to pause, but it is not very useful since the mouse and the buttons ( RT and LT) do almost everything.

For my experience, the game is really excellent and with this profile, I have the impression to play on ps3 totally
Fully playable

UPGRADE v1.1 :

D pad up : moving camera up
D pad down : moving camera down
left and right : optional , to use skills , but you can select them with right stick (mouse)