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Six presets, one for each race and gender, with different-coloured eyes. Can be used as replacements for the vanilla ones or as additional presets, depending on which version you choose. Shouldn’t require any other mods to work properly.

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23/06/2019: title changed.

I didn't think making characters with different-looking eyes was possible until recently, when I came across DarthParametric's re-UV Mapped Eyes. I wanted to try my hand at making my own heterochromatic eye texture, so I took an iris texture I made a while ago, tinkered with the colours a bit, and voilà! Well, it’s probably far from perfect, I'm not exactly the Michelangelo of GIMP and this is the first and only eye I've ever made. Still, I don't think it looks that bad, and since I thought some other people might be interested in having this option available in the character creator, I created six presets that use this texture, one for each race and gender. Aside from the eyes (obviously), they were made using only vanilla assets, so you don't have to worry about downloading a ton of other mods to get them to work.

Note that I *tried* to stay on the realistic side of things, since cartoonish or super bright colours aren't exactly my thing. The colours look a bit dark in the dimly lit character creator, but as you can see on my screenshots, they look much better in-game (or at least I think they do). 

I initially wasn't planning on making the eyes tintable, but I eventually decided to include a tint mask (the iris isn't the same though, mine doesn't look good once tinted). You'll only be able to alter the right eye; the left one can't be tinted. Please be aware that once you've tinkered with the eye colour slider, you won't be able to revert to the original eye texture. If you’ve changed your mind and want your character to have the original texture, you'll have to start over (hope I’m making sense here).

Please note that unless indicated otherwise, the sclera (the white of the eye) you see on my screenshots is not the one that I uploaded here. I couldn't find whether the one I initially used was usable in game mods or not, so I had to find another one. It doesn’t make much of a difference, though.

I also made a small last-minute adjustment to the male dwarf's facial hair; I gave him more chin scruff and his stubble is now uniform (as you can see on the header and toolset pics). 

You shouldn’t need to download DarthParametric’s original mod for my presets to look as intended. I did some testing without it installed and didn’t notice anything weird. 

Comes in two flavours:

- Option A, which adds my presets to the existing ones. Only choose this option if you already have a chargenmorphcfg.xml file in your override folder and don't mind having to edit it manually.

- Option B, which replaces some of the existing presets with mine. Choose this option if you don't have a chargenmorphcfg file in your override folder, if you have one but don't want to fiddle with it or if you don't mind my presets replacing the vanilla ones. 


1. Open up the archive and unzip the contents of your preferred version into your override folder (usually located in My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override). 

2. If you choose option A, you'll need to manually edit the chargenmorphcfg.xml file that's located in your override folder and add the following lines (except the text between brackets, of course) under <heads>: 

<resource name="hm_hc.mop" /> (goes under <human male>)
<resource name="hf_hc.mop" /> (goes under <human female>)
<resource name="dm_hc.mop" /> (goes under <dwarf male>)
<resource name="df_hc.mop" /> (goes under <dwarf female>)
<resource name="em_hc.mop" /> (goes under <elf male>)
<resource name="ef_hc.mop" /> (goes under <elf female>)

I copy-pasted these lines from my own chargenmorphcfg file, so I guess they should work correctly. However, should your game crash when selecting one of my presets, try deleting the space between the last quotation marks and the slash. I think some particular characters (quotation marks for instance) can also be responsible for crashes, so if it's still not working, try typing the lines yourself instead of copy-pasting them from here.

I use Notepad++ for this, but I think Windows Notepad works fine as well. Don't forget to back up your chargenmorphcfg file before editing anything!

If you choose option B, you don't have to worry about editing anything since my presets replace the vanilla ones. However, if you're not happy with the presets I chose to replace, you'll have to rename my .mop files. Let's say you want my elf male to replace the seventh preset instead of the sixth; all you have to do is rename the em_cps_p06 file to em_cps_p07. 

If you want to replace the last vanilla preset (the more or less creepy-looking bald model), rename my file to hm_pcc_b01 (for the human male), hf_pcc_b01 (human female), dm_pcc_b01 (dwarf male), df_pcc_b01 (dwarf female), em_pcc_b01 (elf male), and ef_pcc_b01 (elf female).

3. Start a new game and enjoy! I hope my instructions are thorough enough, tell me if something seems unclear.

To uninstall, simply delete the Heterochromia folder from your override folder. If you chose option A, don’t forget to edit your chargenmorphcfg file to remove the corresponding references (I think you can also have the CharGenMorph Compiler do that for you). 

Compatibility issues

The elves are probably not compatible with tmp7704's Elf update.

Option B will conflict with any other mod affecting the following .mop files:


If you already use a mod that replaces one of these presets, rename my file so that it replaces a different one.

Other than that, I don't think there should be any other compatibility issues. Still, I’ve only tested it rather minimally, so there might be issues I'm not aware of.


  • Original eye models by DarthParametric, without whom none of this would have been possible.
  • Brushes by Obsidian Dawn (her YouTube tutorial on how to draw a realistic-looking eye was extremely helpful as well, since my GIMP skills are nonexistent and I was completely clueless as to how to use the brushes properly)
  • Original iris texture used for my tint mask by Ellise
  • Original sclera texture by AntipovSA via TurboSquid

Mods shown on my screenshots