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Adds a small fennec from DAI to follow you around on your adventures.

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Fennec For You!

This is a small mod that adds a pet fennec (from Dragon Age: Inquisition) to follow you around on your travels.  That's it!  She won't fight and she won't interact with you, she'll just follow you around looking cute.

This mod was inspired by ELF the Pet Cat and operates in very much the same way.  (The two mods should not conflict -- you should be able to have both ELF and your fennec along with you.)

The fennec is named Bitty, for my much-loved and much-missed cat who recently died.  Live on in fox form, little Bitty.  <3


There are two files/folders included, both of which are necessary for the fennec to work.  Use the DAO manager of your choice to install the .dazip file, and then place the "fennec_for_you_override" folder into your override.  (Don't forget this second part.  I'm not 100% certain what will happen if you do, but I suspect it won't be pretty.)


Once installed, an item called "Fragrant Herbs" will be spawned in your inventory.  The Fragrant Herbs item will be used to summon your fennec to you.  Once you have your fennec, the Fragrant Herbs can be used to either send her away, or summon her back if she's gotten lost.  Place it on your quickbar to make it easier to manage her.

If for some reason the Fragrant Herbs do not spawn in your inventory, you can use a script to spawn them yourself.  Open the console and type:  runscript "givefennec" and the Fragrant Herbs should be given to you.

Notes & Known Issues:

When your fennec first spawns (or is called back to you), she will be completely immobile.  This is due to the workaround I had to come up with to get her to stop meowing.  (Don't ask.)  Once you move a little bit, though, her statue form will cease and she'll move normally.

Also, her mesh and movement aren't perfect.  So, basically:  she runs a little funny, and there's some discoloration on one side of her legs in certain lighting.   I did my best, but I'm not an expert when it comes to weight modeling and Gmax.  So if anyone out there wants to mess around with it and improve it, feel free.

There are currently no sounds for her.  (Well, technically, there are, they just aren't working.)  I may try to implement them later.


I don't know of any incompatibilities, but if anyone comes across one, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.


Inspiration and implementation ideas came from ELF the Pet Cat.
Eshme's Gmax Tools
Fennec mesh and textures come from DAI.