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It's always difficult making Dwarves pretty right? Ive accomplished handsomeness, but what about beautiful? Well, here ya go folks! VividSinns: Dwarven Ladies - Noble & Commoner Origins.

Permissions and credits
I apologize for the 100th time for my noble origin's morph x) I have replaced the MOP file for df_cps_p02. 
I had forgotten that I have more than just the face and eye textures mod from Ferelden's Models mod.. 

______________________________________ Formal Announcement ______________________________ 12:53 PM 
I am very sorry for those 13 people who had downloaded this mod only to find a list of required mods for the morphs! 
I guess this is why you shouldn't do this sort of stuff late in the morning with lack of sleep since 10 pm XD 

However I thank RogueLass (OMG ITS RL!!) for pointing out my error. I hope you all can forgive me for this little embarrassment.
Please enjoy my girls and look out for any future mods I may bring to in the near future ^^ I am currently trying
to broaden my horizon so look out =).

Firstly, I thank you everyone who have been blowing up the download buttons for my Handsome Dwarf and Lovely Leliana morph mods.

And what I have for everyone this time is my version of Dwarven Beauty, The Commoner Morph is gonna replace the first MOP. face in CC when you start a new game, the Noble one will take the second MOP's place.

I felt like doing this differently for my female Dwarves instead of my Dwarf Male because honestly it was a bit difficult to make a single handsome dwarf face, and hair alone is a little difficult to find for males of that race. YOU KNOW, it strikes me odd that there isn't more dignified hairstyles specific for male dwarves xD And I have EVERY hairstyle mod as far as I know. 

Anyways, beauty comes in many shapes and forms but these two symbolize my ideals of their beauty based on their origins.
Nobility - Fierce , Awe-striking, Inspiring, a force of nature. 
Commoner - Diamond in the rough, Soft Textured facial features, Kindness at heart, a hope beacon midst the dark. 

This is how Ive been playing Serenity and Gwen thus far in game, however you wish to play them I don't mind at all ^_^

Keep in mind, that the tattoo for the Noble one wont show at all for the commoner origin's choice and would be overridden by the default commoner's brand tattoo. I assure you the face itself looks good even with a different tattoo.

I do hope you all will love these 2 choices of ladies for your next playthrough of the Dwarf Origin story ^_^ (as rotten as the story's details are anyways XD) And see your fierce beauty in action cutting down your enemies plus Prince Bhelen XD 

Mod Credit:

Pineappletree Vibrant Colors

Ferelden Models - Face & Eye Textures

DracoAngel's Merry Band of Misfits - Tattoo - Lesatatt6

KH_Creations - Kh_Toolset Files - Only Toolset Eyelashes - KH1

SP - Eyes

Look Hair - The Original

Look Hair! - Dreads and more

SJC's Skin Tones

Lovely Tints

New Textures

(P.s, some facial textures I did get from joint mods say for the eyelashes & tattoo - KH1 & Lesatatt6. As good as some of the other parts of the mod is, 
you may not have need for them like I do so feel free to compile their xml files then toss out the rest of the unneeded files xD)