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Ever wanted a handsome male dwarf character, but didn't want to look old or goofy? Don't fret anymore! I'm willing to share Kalvoc with everyone.

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This morph is in the form of a MOP file, it'll replace the first default dwarf male head in CC when you start a new game. I hope yall love this dwarf head as much as I do lol (Obviously I shouldn't have to tell ya to drop this in your override file right? xD) though the odds of me doing a full playthrough of this origin isn't very likely, so I was thinking why waste a perfectly good head? xD

If the Cailan hair isn't doing it for ya on this head, feel free to change it in game xD And preferably if you wanna keep that tattooed eyes on his face, more likely to play as a Noble instead, or just replace the face of your Dwarf Commoner with this morph lol

Chargen Package - Scar Base Skin Texture

Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors

DracoAngel - Merry Band - Tattoos

SP - Eyes

Schwarzalbenheim - Rings - Hair

Eyebrow Presets

Enjoy being a handsome Dwarf xD