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A quick script companion for zz_test_hire

Permissions and credits
For modders who use zz_test_hire and need a way to safely remove them from the party. This also allows the NPC you fire to keep any gear equipped on them. It's a great rough way to alter the appearance of an NPC in-game.

The script will not remove essential companions (Alistair, Morrigan, etc) from your party. In fact, it will only work if you have a non-companion in your party. Otherwise, it does nothing. 

If you move an NPC while messing with them, don't worry. They will return to their last location with you after speaking to them. However, if they are a plot essential, I wouldn't recommend running around with them.

How To Use
  1. To hire the nearest NPC: runscript zz_test_hire
  2. Alter their appearance or location as you wish
  3. To remove the NPC: runscript zz_test_fire

Install and Uninstall
To install, Drop the files into ..\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Packages\Core\Override\

To uninstall, delete the files from the override folder.

Please let me know if this conflicts with any mods or if it does not work for you. All testing is done through my own game and is verified to work at the time of upload.