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The Warden now receives a wearable amulet when Alistair gives them the rose.

Permissions and credits
When Alistair gives you the rose he found, he will also give you a wearable
amulet depicting the rose in a locket with powerful properties.

To receive the amulet outside of the intended conversation with Alistair, enter the following command into the developer console:
"runscript aa_give_alistair_rose"

This does not modify the original items from the base game (gen_im_gift_alistair_rose.uti and gen_im_gift_alistair_amulet.uti). Instead, it adds a new item, so there should be no conflict with mods that alter these.

Install and Uninstall
Drag and drop files into "..\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\"
Simply delete the files to uninstall.

Please let me know if this conflicts with any mods or if it does not work for you. All testing is done through my own game and is verified to work at the time of upload.