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Harritt, the blacksmith from Dragon Age Inquisition is from Lothering... so he should be in Lothering, right?

Permissions and credits
In the Dragon age Wiki it says:

Harritt originally comes from the town of Lothering. He was in Redcliffe when the darkspawn attacked during the Fifth Blight and helped rebuild the village

So who can say he wasn't in Lothering when the Warden pass through there?

With that in mind, and since the Improved Atmosphere by SpaceAlex already adds a blacksmith to Lothering, it gave me the idea to use his resources to add Harritt instead.

That means that this mod Is partly INCOMPATIBLE with IA but since it shares some resources you need at least part of IA to make it work properly.

It's also my first attempt at creating a face, so there is that. Let me know if something is missing...


You need part of Improved Atmosphere by SpaceAlex , specifically the folder 1.1. Animations located in \Improved Atmosphere\1. Global

You may need True Colours REDUX by dalishious , and its optional file: True Colours - Additional Tints to make the beard color appear correctly. (Thank You IronAlcoholic for make me aware of this. )

Installation :

  1. IF you don't have IA - Download Improved Atmosphere by SpaceAlex, extract the files and move the folder 1.1. Animations located in [i]\Improved Atmosphere\1. Global  into my mod's folder. IF YOU HAVE IA, READ Known Issues below.
  2. Download the main file.
  3. Extract the file.
  4. Place the folder into your override folder.
  5.      By default it should be : \Documents\Bioware\Dragonage\packages\core\override\

Uninstallation :

Just delete the files from your override folder.

Known Issues :

IF you have Improved Atmosphere installed, you must remove the file lot100cr_miner2.utc , otherwise it will conflict with this mod.


  • Is it possible to use this mod without the Improved Atmosphere part?
  • Yes. BUT Harritt will just stand there without the blacksmith animations and hammer.
  • Is it possible to interact with Harritt?
  • Yes, he has some lines of dialog I grabbed from Dragon Age Inquisition and edited into some sort of conversation. Unfortunately that is all the interaction there is.
  • Harritt doesn't look like his Inquisition version...
  • No, he do not. It was my first attempt at creating a face and I tried to make him look 10 years younger.

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