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A few mod-free tweaks to the characters of Dragon Age: Origins.

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These face edits were done on the Toolset and used the vanilla assets, so no mods are required. I used the Tucked Hair mod for some of the hair and the Better Makeup mod to fix the eyeshadow, but it is not necessary for the faces to appear in-game and causes little to no changes to their appearance.


Wynne looks a bit more stern and reserved, but still has the warm grandmotherly appearance.

Morrigan resembles her Inquisition appearance a bit more, and her make-up now matches her outfit.

Leliana resembles her Inquisition appearance more, and has more realistic facial features.
*NOTE: Due to malfunctions I had with the Toolset while exporting her Epilogue creature file, she will revert back to her vanilla appearance during
the epilogue sequence. I apologize for the immersion-breaking error. :(

Loghain has more realistic wrinkles and a healthier complexion.

Sten has better facial features and looks more his age (30 years).

Oghren has more realistic wrinkles and skintone.

Zevran has less wrinkles and a more realistic eye shape.


Download the file, unzip the folder, and place the .utc (and miscellaneous) files in your override folder.

C:\Users\(Computer Name)\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override