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Adds Sera in Denerim's alienage during the City Elf origin and/or in the Market District.

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UPDATE 4/19/2018: Uploaded a second version of this mod to run along The Childrens Closet. See the Installation / Uninstallation and Compatibility sections for more details. Also all files are now packed in a single download to make things less confusing. Thank you everyone for making this a hot mod! :D 


UPDATE 4/6/2018: I've added a second file for Sera to show up in Denerim's Market District for Wardens of all backgrounds. She can't be interacted with this time, but she's out there, running around and having fun. :) Please make sure you have the main part of the mod with the head morph (kn_sera.mor) and the hair files installed first, then just download, unzip, and paste this new file in the same folder. Also it's important to note that you must install this mod before entering Denerim for the first time, otherwise it won't load. That's all! Have fun and thank you everyone for your support! ♥ 


Sera recalls being in Denerim during the Blight and playing with painted boxes, so this mod adds her to the game for a bit more continuity with DA:I and because I love Sera. :) You can find her in Denerim's alienage during the City Elf origin, playing with an elf boy on a back alley. If you interact with the boy, the Warden can tell the two a story about elven heroes and then they'll go back to play. Later in the game, she's also in the Market District, running around with another kid.


Regular version:
Download, unzip, and copy the folder to Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override. Run the game and enjoy!

Children's closet version: Make sure The Childrens Coset is installed as per the modder's instructions. Download this mod, unzip, and copy the folder to Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override. Find the folder where The Childrens Coset is installed, search for the files bec100cr_elf_girl.utc and den200cr_amb_girl1.utc, and delete them. Run the game and enjoy!

Note: this mod will only work if it's installed before you start a new City Elf playthrough / enter Denerim for the first time.


Remove the "Sera in Denerim" folder from Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override and restart the game.

For the Children's closet version, you should also re-download and place the missing files (bec100cr_elf_girl.utc and den200cr_amb_girl1.utc) in your override folder if you want to continue using The Childrens Closet in its entirety, but not Sera in Denerim. 


This mod is now compatible with The Childrens Closet by SirensRequiem! Just make sure you download the correct version and follow the installation instructions. If you already had Sera in Denerim installed, delete the old files before downloading the new ones. 

Compatibility issues with Diverse Faces For Kids have been reported, but I've personally not encountered them. I'm still looking into this. For now, deleting the kn_bec100_girl.mor and kn_den200_amb_girl1.mor files from Diverse Faces for Kids should do the trick.

Compatible with Diverse Faces For Kids as well! :) (Except for the two girls who are replaced by Sera, obviously.)

As a rule of thumb, it's not compatible with any other mod that edits the bec100cr_elf_girl.utc and den200cr_amb_girl1.utc files and deleting them from the conflicting mods you want to use alongside Sera in Denerim should fix the problem. If you find such a mod and would like to use both, please let me know and I'll see what I can do about it. In the same vein, let me know if you notice any bugs or have problems with the installation process.


Look Hair! - Children Edition by mrs-risibisi for Sera's hair! (All necessary files are already included in this mod.)


Sera's head morph uses only vanilla assets (except for the hair, which is already included), so there are no other required mods you need to install. Here's a couple of recommended mods however:

HD Eyebrow & Stubble Presets by ViLiSSa66
Softer Hair & Beard by Kani Hime
Inquisition Eyes for Origins by Dalishious
Vanilla Face Textures Replacements by SammyJC

SJC's Patchy Skin Fix by SammyJC
DAO Better Lighting by Cuddy 

Thank you if you decide to use this mod, and any feedback / advice is much appreciated. :)