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Adds ser Aaron from Knight Errant comic to several places during main campaign and Awakening.

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Time to embrace the comic! As we know, comics follow BioWare's own canon (for example Alistair being king) but for most parts they also create canon by themselves. And since Knight Errant states that ser Aaron was in Ferelden during DAO, hey, why not have him there?
As ser Aaron is a comic character, there are no in-game resources for him so there's not much interaction with him. This mod will simply mark his presence during some events he was/could've been a part of.
So, where can you see him?
1. Ostagar
Ser Aaron most definitely was at Ostagar. According to Vaea, he was there with Loghain but ignored the retreat signal and charged into battle only to see Cailan dying. Now, Loghain's retreat is among the few resources that cannot be moded but ser Aaron will appear in Ostagar nonetheless, standing next to Ash Warriors - good material for his stories, I think ;) He will have a few ambient lines here and he will carrying a shield with Loghain's heraldry, following Vaea's story.
2. Landsmeet
To quote Varric: "He joined with arl Eamon at the Landsmeet, siding with the Hero of Ferelden..." - and that's what will happen. You can spot ser Aaron at the very beginning, standing  next to Eamon. Later he will watch the duel with Loghain as well as his execution if it comes to this and he will be among the crowd cheering at the end for king and/or queen. Also, if you'll loose and end up fighting Loghain's men, ser Aaron will appear among Redcliffe soldiers to help you.
3. Alistair/Anora speech before final battle
To end Varric's quote: "...and then helping to fight and end the Fifth Blight." It's not exactly saying that ser Aaron fought in the Battle of Denerim but what's the better way of "helping to fight and end the Fifth Blight"? Again, cutscenes from the battle itself are not possible to mod but ser Aaron will appear among other soldiers during Alistair's/Anora's speech right before the battle. And he will even get a nice close shot :)
4. The Crown and Lion inn in the City of Amaranthine
That one is all on me but since ser Aaron is a wandering knight, who's to say he couldn't appear in Amaranthine one day? He'll be at the inn, talking to some NPC. He will have three proper ambient lines to say if you click on him, using the same voice as in Ostagar.

There are two versions available: one with ser Aaron wearing vanilla heavy armor and the other with ser Aaron wearing hunter armor ported from DA2 with blue cloak similar (or as similar as possible) to the one he has in the comic. Choose whichever you want, whether you prefer him resembling other soldiers or being closer to his comic look.


Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors - you're gonna need that for Aaron's hair color. DAO is taking place ten years before Knight Errant so I thought that he shouldn't have completely grey hair yet and with Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors he can have a proper blackish/greyish color.  You can use either normal or Light version, it doesn't really matter in this case.

Additional Hairs for DA Part 2 from Additional Hairs for DA by boodrl - you'll need that one for Aaron's hair. If you don't want all of it, just keep mhair 5 folder in your override.

Awakening - to get Aaron in Amaranthine, obviously.

Get requested mod, then choose one version of ser Aaron, download, extract and put everything in your override folder (usually located in Documents/BioWare/DragonAge/packages/core).

Delete downloaded files from your override folder.

This mod changes quite a few files and is not compatible with any mod that uses the same files but I haven't seen much of those myself. Here's the full list of files:
  • pre100cr_knight_stealing.utc and pre100_knight.dlg - NPC and dialogue in Ostagar
  • 174032_anora.cut, 174032_anora.cub, 174049_alistair_cut, 174049_alistair.cub, 174070_anora.cut, 174070_anora.cub, den600cs_landsmeet_opening.cut, den600cs_landsmeet_opening.cub, den600cs_loghain_execution.cut, den600cs_loghain_execution.cub, den600cs_loghain_execution2.cut, den600cs_loghain_execution2.cub, den600cs_loghains_duel.cut, den600cs_loghains_duel.cub, den600cs_loghains_duel_dwf.cut, den600cs_loghains_duel_dwf.cub, den600cs_loghains_duel_elf.cut, den600cs_loghains_duel_elf.cub, den600cs_loghains_duel_qun.cut, den600cs_loghains_duel_qun.cub, den600ar_landsmeet_chamber.are and den600ar_landsmeet_chamber.lst - Landsmeet cutscenes and Landsmeet Chamber area
  • cli400cr_soldier_cheer3.utc - NPC from Alistair/Anora speech
  • coa110cr_commenter_1.utc - NPC from The Crown and Lion inn

Not much a surprise, I think, that not everything is compatible with Improved Atmosphere. If you're using IA, I suggest removing
pre100cr_knight_stealing.utc and cli400cr_soldier_cheer3.utc from Improved Atmosphere/2. Modules/2.2 Characters. Luckily, that's all.

In case anyone is wondering: Yes, it is fully compatible with Battle Speech Party :)

Important notes:
1. For this mod to work fully, you need install it before reaching the areas with ser Aaron. That is, to have properly equipped Aaron with right dialogue in Ostagar, you need to get it before reaching Ostagar (before finishing your origin story). For Aaron in Landsmeet, before entering Landsmeet Chamber - the whole area, starting from the room when you meet Cauthriene if she's still alive, not just the chamber in which Landsmeet itself takes place. For Aaron during Alistair/Anora Speech, before entire final battle sequence, more specifically, before you convince Alistair to do the ritual or refuse to do it while talking to Morrigan, that's when all cutscenes start. For Aaron in the City of Amaranthine - before entering The Crown and Lion inn.
2. Aaron's hair mesh (and pretty much every other long hair mesh I've tried out) as well as hunter amor from DA2 don't work that great in DAO at long distances. It's nothing drastic, they will simply look slightly difference when you get away from Aaron (that's when LOD2 comes in, using simplified meshes and textures). It shouldn't be that much of a deal though - if you're not staring at him too long from afar ;)
3. Hunter armor from DA2 was originally made by SpaceAlex so that's where all credits belong, I merely retextured it - Aaron needs his blue cloak ;)