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An item (with crafting recipe) that allows you to revive your allies.

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Anyone else tired of having to cart Wynne literally everywhere? Yeah? I mean, I like the character, but good grief, I'd like to see some more of my other team members sometimes.

The crafting recipe requires level two poison making to use, but is fairly expensive in terms of materials for a level-two recipe. Using the item itself requires level one poison making. This is for balance reasons--I wanted it to be available fairly early on, but not so simple to obtain that you can just spam it all over the place. It works like a grenade version of the spirit healer’s revive spell—it will revive any fainted allies in the throw radius, for about a lesser health poultice’s worth of healing.

Fun trivia: real smelling salts actually work by releasing a small cloud of ammonia, which irritates your mucous membranes and makes you breathe harder; it's actually the resulting burst of oxygen that causes you to wake up. This is the non-gameplay reason I stuck it under poisons instead of herbalism.

To install: unzip into override folder. To uninstall: delete from same. The recipe is obtainable from the broken crate next to Bodahn and Sandal in Lothering (the one that you get "Small Carved Statuette" from). If you're already past that, don't worry, I've included a script: type "runscript getsalt 0" into the console to receive the recipe. You can also type "runscript getsalt [number]" to get whatever number of salts you want, if you'd rather.