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Adjustment to the texture for zwierzomods' More Covered Female Chasind Robes to be compatible with Dadriell's Enchanter Robes v7 mesh edit. Essentially, lets you have the non-skimpy chasind robes and a hood instead of a neck collar.

Permissions and credits
This is a re-adjustment of the More Covered Female Chasind Robes that is compatible with the Enchanters Robes v7 mesh edit.

This is really just me adjusting the work of other modders to make two incompatible mods compatible. If you like this mod, please make sure to endorse the two modders that made the mods in the first place.

RETEXTURE: More covered female chasind robes retexture by zwierzomods
MESH: Enchanter Robes Mod v7 by Dadriell

Required mods:
Enchanter Robes Mod v7 by Dadriell

1) Make sure you download the mesh from the link above and install it by placing it into your override.
2) Download one of the versions from this mod and copy it into the "textures" folder from the Enchanter Robes v7 mod. Override the files when prompted.

Simply remove all of the files from your override folder.

The mesh will conflict with any other mods that edit these meshes:


For example, any proportion fixes mods for elf and human females will conflict with this mod.

Any retextures for the chasind and tevinter robes will also conflict, such as JB3's high-res texture mod.

To avoid any conflicts with mods such as these, make sure to delete the conflicting files from the other mods.

You can also place my files in the toolsetexport folder to prioritise it above other mods. If you don't have a toolsetexport, you can just create one yourself. Any mods placed in here will override others of the same kind.