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A mod that adds unique faces for most of the children in the game.

Permissions and credits
Diverse Faces for Kids

This is a mod that diversifies nearly all the kids faces in the game.
I will get into more detail after I get this up and saved.

Some examples of Morphs changed are: Connor, Oren, Amalia, Bevin, and many more.

Outfits shown in pics are from seperate mods, listed under the "Recommended Mods" section.  

I'm in the process of sorting out my game, so if anyone could further test and upload images, I would greatly appreciate it! ^_^


Step 1:  Download all files under "required mods" section.
The morphs will not work without them.

Step 2:  Drop the MOR (Headmorphs) folder into your override folder.

File Notes: The folder -   MRH (resource for toolset modding)  - is not required.
It can go into whatever personal folder you want to place it in.
It is not required and may be deleted.


Look Hair Children Edition 
by Risibisi

Face and Eye Textures 
by fMorgana

found under "miscellaneous files" in the Ferelden Models mod by Mochie.

New Eyes For DOAT 
by Vilissa

Requires file: 1 AIO NEW

Companion and NPC Morph Collection 
by Vilissa

Just the "required Tex" folder under misc.

SJC Freckles & Moles 
by SammyJC

Requires Both files: SJCs Lipsticks Moles and Freckles & SJCs Realistic Textures

Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors
by PineappleTree

Coming Soon:

Siren's Companions Face Morphs
Sirens NPC Morphs

Recommended Mods:

The Children's Closet
by ME - SirensRequiem ^_^

Additional Clothing for Kids (Mod Resource)
by DarthParametric  

Special thanks & Credits

Bioware for creating the game, and releasing the Toolset & mrh files., for creating a place where we can share our mods and our enthusiasm for games.

Risibisi, for porting those wonderful hairs for kids.

SammyJC, Vilissa,  and FMorgana, for making the amazing face & eye textures.

PinappleTrees for making such a variety of colors to use.

Darth Parametric
for inspiring me with his kid clothing resources mod.

Seafax for testing the mod, uploading images, and helping other users in the comments section figure out how to install the mod.

& Thank you to the community for being so awesome and STILL keeping DA Nexus alive after all these years!

PS: If there in ANYTHING, relating to rules and permissions that I may have missed, please let me know immediately, and I will be happy to fix it.