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edits of the default presets

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This is a mod that alters the default presets for every race. The goal was to make them look a little nicer, not supermodelesque, but just something you can make a nice face off of. Hope you enjoy.


Drop the folders/faces of your choosing into packages/core/override. 


This is a touch mod heavy, however please note that you do not actually need the mods required - if you end up with a missing head or skin texture, just adjust that respective slider and it'll show you the options you have. To this end I have elected not to do a vanilla-assets-only version, since I didn't replace anything terribly vital.

The mods needed are

Tucked Hair
Look Hair
Anshela's Odds and Ends
Jenya's Iconic Hawke Presets
Jenya's Inquisition Morphs
Jenya's Random Hairstyles
SJC Skin Textures

note that if you already have Realistic Dragon Age Project installed, you won't need to download Look Hair, Tucked Hair or SJC Skins. I have also included a text document containing the mods needed and specific names for each preset, in case you want to pick and choose what you have. Lastly, I have also chosen to include the mrh files for each head that I've done if you want to do any editing to them.


Many thanks to magpiedragon who let me use a morph she had done for my K'nai Mahariel to build a new mop for em; and to Casijaz, who let me use a mop I'd done for their Lorelei Cousland to build a new hf mop from.

You're free to use this mod however you see fit including releasing fixes or whatever for it, IDC.

Lastly, if you're looking for some good family replacer presets for Cousland, Tabris, Aeducan and Brosca to match, I suggest checking out AndersWasRight's options - all of them are incredibly nice.