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Unique tattoo from NPCs for the Warden. (Jukka, Kardol, Sigrun, Tug, Velanna, and Zevran)
& 2 additional tattoos and 1 morph.

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to use the unique tattoo of NPCs/Companion in Character Creation for your warden. (and fulfill your canon about them!)

Now you can use face tattoo of...
Jukka:   Injured Legionnaire dwarf that the warden can found him in Kal'Hirol, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Kardol:  Legionnaire dwarf who fight the darkspawn at the dead trenches alongside with his member of the Legion of the dead, Dragon Age: Origins
Sigrun:   Legionnaire casteless dwarf, dwarf companion of the warden, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Tug:       Bard casteless dwarf. Partner of Leliana in the past,  Leliana's Song DLC
Velanna:  ex-The first, elf companion of the warden,  Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Zevran:  Antivan Assasin elf, elf companion of the warden, Dragon Age: Origin

and 2 tattoos from file game.
It's appeared to be Morrigan's eyeshadow style but for another tattoo, I don't know who has it.

All files belong to Bioware, I just used DAtoolset to extract it and improved it. I didn't change their original design, no tweak.


some explanation:
  • I want to keep it lore friendly so I decide to let it...
            Jukka, Kardol , Sigrun: Legion of the Dead, Tug: unique brand = Dwarf only
            Velanna: Clan's vallaslin = Dalish elf only
            Zevran: Antivan inking = City elf, Human noble, Mage only
  • I temporary mod some NPC morph to get a mod tattoo in-game screenshots from a close-up.
  • I choose to make 1 file 1 tattoo to prevent mod tattoo file from overlap that will cause them blurry.
  • the mod file name used the original file name , it will override the original file so you don't have to use any mod to make it work.
  • I (quick) morph Marren face to make him has Velanna's clan's vallaslin to match with her.  
             I headcanon that their clan created only 1 vallaslin to worship "the only god who didn't have Vallaslin design"
  • Sigrun tattoo for the Warden, The Warden has original casteless brand shape unlike Sigrun to remain their unique tattoo looks.



Velanna clan's tattoo cause 3 vallaslin invisible (Ghilan'nain simple, Ghilan'nain complex, Mythal complex)
I replaced Mythal simple with Velanna clan's tattoo because none of NPC use this vallaslin or have any cutscene when the warden talks to.

                       (Mythal simple , my best guess)

so I suggest you to drag dalish elf mod folder out of override folder in Nature of the beast quest.
After the warden talk with Mithra, guard of Zathrian's clan (she has Ghilan'nain complex vallaslin)
put it back after the warden finished talking with her.


how to install:
Unzip file >  Places folder(has NPC's name) in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\
choose only 1 folder per origins.

delete mod folder in \override\


Mods use in preview:
DA2 elf
Ferelden Elf , DA2 style + Zevran options
eyes replacement
true colours redux
sweetfx neutral lighting
PT vibrant color
patchy skin fix
Origins save game
Awakening save game

Special thanks

without these forum, tutorials, files, I would never success modding. Kudos to them!

A.K.A. I can mod this because of all of them.

DDS plugin
Saving in the DDS Format
creating custom facial tattoos
Velanna tattoo
guidethisonekalahira 's photoshop process
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