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DA2-style replacement morph (and gear swap) for Thane Shartan.

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Better Improved Shartan
Version 1.0

File under: Things I made for myself that I'm never going to use.


Dragon Age: Origins
elf update [mirror] (requires the head morph mesh portion only... I've not used the eye mesh replacer, but this mod will work just as well with it)

and either

Dragon Age: Origins Awakening
Loincloth Fashion

Description and Details:

"It was my dream for the people to have a home of their own, where we would have no masters but ourselves."

Despite being super-awesome and Andraste's BFF and probable bed warmer, in DA:O Gauntlet!Shartan was shoddily treated, without even a unique morph (as in, he has the generic, base male Elf face) and some really crappy gear that makes no sense for a warrior.

New improved final version has two flavours:

- Elf-y Robed Shartan, inspired by the depiction of Shartan in Nick Thornborrow's stained glass art.

This option requires the elf update and Loincloth Fashion mods.

- Armoured and armed Warrior!Shartan, wearing the Ancient Elven Armor set and bearing a visual approximation of his longsword, Glandivalis... in DA2, that weapon used the same model as the Vigilance longsword from Awakening, and so that is what I've equipped him with.

This option requires elf update and Awakening.

Install only ONE option.

An alternate, Origins-style morph (which does not require elf update) is also available.

Known Issues:

Will conflict with any other files editing urn230cr_shartan.utc.

Gotta be installed before entering the Gauntlet map.

Might not play nice with the Vigilance/Starfang conflict fixes. /shrug


11/30/2017 - v 1.0 with Nexus-safe no profanity ReadMe
04/27/2015 - Version 1.0 relz