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Adds 2 new NPC, Ser Wesley and Aveline in the Lothering Chantry

** Optional : Aveline, Carver & Hawke at Ostagar. **

Permissions and credits
Update March,11 :
Added some images from Hawke, Carver and Aveline in Ostagar.
Aveline, Carver and Hawke at Ostagar updated to Main files also.

Future plans to update: Add female Hawke voice (will have to play DA2 with fHawke first), and if I can find out how, make it so that Hawke speaks as the Warden approaches him...
No date scheduled as to when I will make this updates, tho.

Update Feb,24 :
Ser Wesley & Aveline in the Lothering Chantry v1.1
• Fixed a bug with the item that can be robbed from Aveline in Lothering. It was causing the attribute points to double.
• Added sound from DA2 and edited to create some sort of conversation possible with them.

Aveline, Carver & Hawke at Ostagar v1.1
• Added Aveline at Ostagar along with Carver. While looking for dialog that I could use I found one banter between Carver and Aveline that indicates they at least saw each other at Ostagar. No dialog from DA2 added, tho... I don't think the Warden should be able to interact with them at Ostagar or the mod wont make sense in Lothering, especialy if used along with Edr Hawke Family in Lothering by edriano and Lothering Hawke of Ferelden by TommyIrianto.
• Added some lines of dialog to Hawke (MALE ONLY FOR NOW) and moved his location.

Description :

This mod is for people who played, or will play Dragon Age 2 and like to see some connection between DAO and DA2.

There are a lot of mods that add Hawke and Hawke family to Lothering, but I only saw one that also add Ser Wesley and Aveline: Female Hawke at Ostagar by maymay1588 - Update file: Ser Wesley and Aveline

I've been using that mod for some time but it has a problem, it conflits with any mod that change lot110cr_refugee_child_f.utc and lot110cr_refugee_child_m.utc like Improved Atmosphere does, wich causes the problem of having a few Avelines and Wesleys running around...

So I've decided to learn a bit about modding and came up with a solution.

I just written scripts to make 2 new NPC appear in the Lothering Chantry. And edited maymay1588 files to be those 2 new NPC instead of the 2 children and also set those utc files to use some ambient lines of dialog from other areas of the game so that both Ser Wesley and Aveline have something to say even if its not with their DA2 voices.

That said, all credit goes to maymay1588 as it is all her work I used here. If you download my mod, you should go to her mod and endorse that one as well.

The requeriments are the same as she wrote in her mod: Female Hawke at Ostagar by maymay1588

For Aveline to be wearing her initial DA2 clothes, you also need Loincloth Fashion by Entopie   (Thank you to drakonous7 for making me aware of that mistake on my part.)

Optional files :

Hawke at Ostagar

This will add Hawke as part of King Cailan's army at Ostagar. I sugest that you only install this mod If your Hawke is a warrior or rogue.

I decided that the armour Hawke's wearing is the same as the rest of the King's army, no matter if Hawke is a rogue or warrior. Personally I think it would make no sense if Hawke was wearing the Mantle of the Champion from DA2.

When installing, be aware that you MUST CHOOSE ONLY ONE FOLDER for your choice of Hawke.

Note: Hawke will say some lines from default King's soldiers. The voices are not the same as DA2 but I think it's better that just be there silent. Those lines of conversation will also be said by other soldiers in Ostagar. If that is game-breaking for you, don't interact with Hawke.
For female Hawke, you must download Female Hawke at Ostagar by maymay1588, you will need just the .mor file of your choice from that mod. Pay attention to that mod requirements.

For male Hawke, you must download either Lothering Hawke of Ferelden by TommyIrianto or Garret Hawke mor and mop files by acateatsarat. You will need  the  .mor file of your choice from any of that mods. Pay attention to those mods requirements for the .mor files.

Carver & Hawke at Ostagar
This will add Carver at Ostagar as a soldier , serving in the "third company under Captain Varel" according to Aveline.

To install, extract the files from the .rar file into the folder Hawke at Ostagar, overwriting when asked.
You must download the optional file Hawke at Ostagar.
You must download Edr Hawke Family in Lothering by edriano, you will need just the .mor file for Carver from that mod. Pay attention to that mod requirements.

Aveline can be robbed
This mod will permit you to steal from Aveline. I think would be funny if she has something to remember from her father, so I gave her an amulet that can stolen.
It's a bit overpowered if you ask me, but you don't have to steal it or even use it if you don't want to. But if your playing with a PC that has no problem with that or stealing from a refugee, go ahead.

To install, just extract the files into the main folder, overwriting the lot_aveline.utc

Installation :

1. Download the main file.
2. Extract the file.
3. Place the folder into your override folder.
By default it should be : \Documents\Bioware\Dragonage\packages\core\override\

Uninstallation :

Just delete the files from your override folder.

Known Issues :

None as far I know.

Credits (copy and past from Female Hawke at Ostagar by maymay1588) :

EA/Bioware for the creation of the toolset, texture, meshes, characters, and
overall such a wonderful game series. Also for allowing the porting of DA2 armor.

Edr Hawke Family in Lothering by edriano

Lothering Hawke of Ferelden by TommyIrianto

Kirkwall Exports by amycus

Tucked Hair by tmp7704

Dracomies True Textures by Dracomies/Petehog

LOTC's Female Eyelashes by lastofthecouslands uploaded by marquiseondore

Eyebrow Presets by lastofthecouslands uploaded by marquiseondore

Bidelles Cosmetics by Bidelle

Witcher 2 for DA by boodrl

Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors by Pineappletree

Templars of Ferelden - Armors by TommyIrianto

and, of course: Female Hawke at Ostagar by maymay1588