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Everything you need for a Shapeshifter.

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Hi guys! 

This mod adds 5 items to your inventory:

- Robe of the Shapeshifter
- Staff of the Shapeshifter
- Amulet of the Shapeshifter
- Belt of the Shapeshifter
- Ring of the Shapeshifter

The items are lore friendly & balanced & but it is up to you to decide. The lacking of shapeshifter items in the game made me make this mod. I also recommend the Universal Dye Kit mod to dye the robes, because I left the default color on them.

How to install:

1) Download the main file
2) Extract the files wherever you want
3) Open the Dragon Age Updater. Found under ...\Dragon Age\bin_ship\DAUpdater.exe
4) You can drag & drop the .dazip file OR you can click the Select DAZIPs & open the dazip file
5) After that click on the .dazip file & click Install Selected
6) Close the DAUpdater & enjoy the mod!

Expect from me to post more mods in the future!

Have fun!

Version 1.0

- The first version of the mod (a little bit overpowered)

Version 1.1

- Updated the mod (nerfed the items & revamped the attributes)

Here are the stats:

 Robe of the Shapeshifter

- +3 constitution
- 1 health regeneration in combat
- +10% nature resistance
- +15% chance to dodge attacks

 Staff of the Shapeshifter

- +3 magic
- +3 spellpower
- 5% to healing effects received
- +10% nature damage

 Amulet of the Shapeshifter

- +2 damage
- +10 attack

 Belt of the Shapeshifter

- +2 armor penetration
- +1 mana regeneration in combat

 Ring of the Shapeshifter

- 1 to all attributes
- +6% spell resistance
- Increases experience from codex