About this mod

A realistic overhaul redesign of every single character in Dragon Age Origins.

Permissions and credits
Well, it's finally here!

Welcome to the full, total release of RDP Beta. I am incredibly grateful for all your support throughout the completion and revision of this mod. It's been a burden and a joy to make, and it's time to finally set it free.

Information you will need to know:

Download the "RDP DOWNLOAD.zip" file in order to access the document containing the RDP links. FOLLOW THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY. (Please!) The project is simply too big to upload directly to Nexus, so it's hosted on my own personal Dropbox and will be for the foreseeable future. 

RDP Full Beta currently contains files for every character in each specific area of the Dragon Age Origins game. Every character (or, in some cases, family) has their own individual folder, making this project completely modular to suit the user's needs. Additionally, these folders all contain before/after images to satisfy your curiosity, as well as text files listing the custom components that each morph contains, for troubleshooting purposes. 
As a bonus, it also contains files for the companions of Awakening, Witch Hunt, Dark Times: Confederacy of Malkuth (including a full RDP overhaul), and Leliana and Marjolaine from Leliana's Song.

-RDP.docx, which contains all the information you need, including download links.
-Composite images of sample characters from each game area (the same as you see on here).
-q&a and troubleshooting.txt, exactly what it sounds like, which is also accessible through the Nexus Readme tab. 
-instructions.txt, just telling you how to use the override folder.
-comments.txt, for those who want to know more about RDP's design process.

Many thanks to:
All the modders who lent me their custom components for RDP. I couldn't have done it without all of you.
The DA Mod Squad, my core group of modder pals who've seen this project from start to finish.
starrarte and quenched-steel, who created the expanded toolset that let me work on the second half of this with much greater ease.  
Everyone who's been supportive, interested, and enthusiastic about RDP along the way - you're the reason it got finished!
Plus the Dark Times project, for inspiration to start modding.

Helpful links:
Full RDP comparison image gallery
Request to be a RDP beta tester!
Submit a bug report
Get in touch with me on tumblr! / send me stuff on tumblr!

If you enjoy and appreciate RDP, I would sincerely ask that you consider donating to support future projects. Thank you very much.

And - please do send in feedback if you play with RDP! It's a work in progress :)