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A realistic revision of Oghren that improves his animation and face structure.

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Welcome to another RDP companion release! I've been working on this project since May 2016, and I'll be releasing the companions in a sequence, for you to enjoy.

Here, you'll find Oghren, the wayward warrior mourning the loss of his wife. His facial structure has been heavily revised to correspond to normal realistic proportions, although the features themselves are more or less the same. His eyes are no longer freakishly small and nose cartoonishly large, eliminating the caricature element. I hope you like RDP Oghren - be sure to check out the other companions too!

Download the .zip file for the morph, files, and bonus information.

If you enjoy my work and want to help me continue the project, donations would be truly appreciated! RDP is free, but I do it for the love of the sake of characters and for the amazing stories. I've put many hundreds of hours into it over the past year. There's no requirement to donate, but you would certainly have my eternal love and gratitude. It's just a nice way of saying thanks, if you can.

[click here to donate]

Here's an extra download link for Oghren via my own personal dropbox, just in case. 

[click here for the Oghren download]

As always, I would like to sincerely thank all my friends and supporters who made this possible, and the DA Mod Squad for helping me every step of the way. Please check out the full list of other modders who contributed their work to this project!
Thanks to the generosity of those wonderful modders on Nexus and elsewhere, I've included the custom files that Wynne uses, with full permission.