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A couple of things I've been running around with in my game that I thought I'd share.

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Anshela's Odds & Ends

Just a little file of things I've made/use in my own game that aren't quite ready to be released as a full mod.

(So yeah, there's like two things here right now.  I've got a couple of other things I'm hoping to add but am waiting on permissions and such.)

Minstrel's Lute

Installation: Drop main folder into your override.  Optional textures included.

Console Script:  minstrels_lute

So I had this great idea that I was going to port the Witcher 3 lute as a wearable item into DAO.  Got the meshes mostly worked out for all races/genders, tested it, decided on some stats... and then realized I have a slight little problem:  there's no slot to put it in.  Which is why this is being put in an odds-and-ends file and not as a separate, full mod.

Well, technically, there is.  It's just going to take up another armor slot.  I decided the one that makes the most sense (and would be easiest to implement) would be the Glove slot.

So here you have it:  a wearable lute for you bards (or people who just likes lutes) that you equip in the glove slot.  IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK and not remove your hands, you need to wear it along with an armor that contains a full body model within the Armor slot itself.  (Not a Cloth item, as that overrides the rest of your equipment.)

If you wear it with something else, you're gonna end up like this:

(Look, Ma!  No hands!)

So is it all that useful?  Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe not.  But I have fun with it.  Some of the armors in RogueLass's mods should work just fine for this!

Until such time as I come up with a better solution, though, you'll have to choose between hands and lute.  (Hence this being not a mod of its own, but just stuck here in case anyone wants it.)

There's gonna be some inevitable clipping with weapons, but I tried to position the lute so that it'll still look decent, and it will move with your weapon, so it shouldn't look too strange.  Although it wobbles way more on men.  Because they run funny.  Sorry, dudes.

I used magpiedragon's Item Variation Resource, so this shouldn't override much.  The variation I used in there is 170.  Also included two small recolors, just in case anyone wants them.  Item stats are hopefully not too cheater-y.

Alternate Version:

liliti212 suggested I make a version that can be equipped in the weapon slot, so you can just swap between weapon sets and wear any armor you want along with it.  So I've uploaded a version that will technically be equipped as a shield, rather than gloves.  Just be sure to swap weapon sets (or set tactics to do this), because if you actually use it in combat along with a one-handed weapon, it will look very, very silly.

This one has two versions:  a smaller lute (for smaller characters, like elf girls) and a larger model for larger characters.  They're both included in the file, so you can mix and match them.  The scripts are:


This version uses the sround_shield_variation sheet, and uses the variation numbers 155 and 156.

Thanks very much liliti212 for the idea!!


UPDATE:  Fixed the texture because I had the wrong texture in the file, I am so sorry!

One of my favorite KS Hairs that I ported over from my DA2 mod.  As with that mod, credit and permissions belong to Kalilies and Stealthic.

There are versions for HF/EF/DF.  I don't play DF as often, so hopefully there aren't any issues there I overlooked.  There is some minor clipping with those tricksy little elf ears, though.  That's totally fine, right?  ...Right?  If you're using a headmorph you made in the toolset with a custom tint, make sure you set the scalp color correctly (here's a tutorial) or your blinding white scalp is gonna shine through.

ALSO:  I have no clue how to make LOD models, so if stick this on someone and look at it from far away, you're definitely gonna get floating hair syndrome.

I've got a couple of others I've been working on getting to look nice in game, but so far they're being annoying, so not sure on if or when that will happen.

To install, just drop it in your override folder.  I didn't put a chargenmorph file since it's only one hair so far, so the lines you'll want to add are:

Elf Girls:
        <resource name="ef_har_SunsetGlow_0" cut ="1"/> 

Dwarf Girls:
        <resource name="df_har_SunsetGlow_0" cut ="1"/> 

Human Girls:
        <resource name="hf_har_SunsetGlow_0" cut ="1"/> 

KS Hairdos - Renewal
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