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Adds a new intimate cutscene with Alistair in a golden lake. For female humans and elves.

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Alistair Romance - Hot Water

This mods adds an intimate new cutscene for the Alistair Romance. Currently only for female elves and humans.

To install, download and extract the file and install it with DAUpdater or your favourite Mod Manager.

Once installed, a water barrel will appear by the entrance of the party camp.
Clicking it will teleport you and Alistair to a romantic lake.
After the cutscene ends, you'll be teleported back to the camp.

Since there is going to be body contact, try not to wear anything too chunky. 
Light or medium armour should be fine. I used placeholders with body models from
 Natural Bodies All in One: the RL Sensuous Elf with Small Breasts and
the RL Sensual Human with Medium Breasts. If your character is a bit more
voluptuous, there may be some clipping.

Right now, there is no other requirement than being a female elf or human, but for the sake of immersion
you should wait until after you've spent your first night with Alistair before triggering the scene ;)

This Mod is not finished. The plan was to add several scenes in different water locations.
However, during testing it became apparent that there may be some perfomance issues.
In one case, the cutscene was choppy and jittery. It could be because all the water is
too much for some graphic cards to handle.

I'm hoping to collect some more data from you, dear Alistairians.
If you experience choppiness or stuttering, please let me know.
If too many users run into issues with the scene, I'll abandon the project and focus on something else.
If problems are reasonably rare, I'll go ahead and create more water caboodling scenes :)
I'd really appreciate your feedback!


The music used is "Destiny of Love" from the Dragon Age 2 soundtrack.


A big thank you goes to my fabulous testers lykris, enchantment1385 and mckatsims.