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A series of Morrigan morphs ; each with a custom skin texture and a matching Flemeth.

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        Morrigan visages from highever to the frozen wastes! Though Morrigan is described as distinctly Chasind, I thought it would be fun to diversify it a bit and change her appearance based on the different areas of Ferelden. After all, who really knows which unlucky wilder was Flemeth's latest paramour?
        (‘Alamarri’ refers to the main group of humans settled in Ferelden. The Chasind, Avvar, etc. are the individual tribes.)

        There are four ‘sets’ planned for this series (1 Morrigan and a Flemeth morph to match - with a custom facial texture per set).
        Use only one set at a time. You can only have one mor file per character.
        The facial textures will not conflict with each other so you can use them all -- just be aware that I have not included a chargenmorphcfg! You will need to add the textures manually if you want to see them in the character creator.
        Removing or deleting the facial textures will cause issues. (Don’t delete them.)

 Please do not use the textures without giving credit!

        More details below!

            - Sunless
            - Southron

        TO COME :
            - Frostback
            - Highever



    Sunless :

        The ‘Sunless’ Lands are what the Chasind call the uncharted wastes to the south. Inhospitable to the point where speculations about the Chasind dwelling here (‘agadi’ -- exiles among their people) become fables.
        Days-in-and-out of an eternal winter would do a number on any complexion. Though Morrigan remains beguiling, this version has a coarseness and wisdom that wasn’t in her satiny misnomer.

        There was some inspiration taken from the Inquisition 2013 trailer. The skin texture was made using birch bark.

        Included in this Set -
            - Sunless Flemeth
            - Sunless Morrigan - with chasind paint
            - Sunless Morrigan - without paint

    Southron :
        The far south-eastern reaches of the Brecilian. Miles of woodland and wild spaces, where magic and witches are free-ranging. Needless to say, there is a reason this pair has remained uncaught.

        The symbols in the ‘chasind paint’ were taken from the DAI firestorm spell sigil.

        Included in this Set -
            - Southron Flemeth
            - Southron Morrigan - with chasind paint
            - Southron Morrigan - without paint



        1.  Remove all conflicting hf_gen_flemeth.mor and hf_genfl_morrigan.mor files from your override folder
             {located here : Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override}

        2.  Drag and drop your selected folders (i.e. 'Sunless Flemeth' and 'Sunless Morrigan - no paint') and the ‘RS Alamarri Morrigan [Face Textures]’ into your override.

        3.  To uninstall : Delete the above folders



- New Eyes for DAOT by ViLiSSa
- 45 Real Skin Colours by Dalishious
- Look Hair ; Inquisition by Mrs-Risibisi
- Tucked Hair

[Optional Mods] :
- HD Eyebrow and Stubble presets
- SJC's Vanilla Face Textures Replacements by SammyJC
- Practical Morrigan Robe by magpiedragon

And of course, credit and thanks to Dalishious for her 'Chasind Master-Post' !

If you find issues/have questions be sure to mention them!